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Pet Clones, would you do it??

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I know this is probably still a long way into the future but would you do it?? If you could get your pet cloned would you? There was a recent article in a magazine I reading that said pet cloning is not far away. It sounds interesting but I'm on the fence.
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I wouldn't, because even cloning an animal does not mean you will get that pet back. For instance, personalities are often due to the environment - even twins who are genetically identical can have different personalities and quirks. Even looks aren't guaranteed to be identical - coloring can be rather random, like spots or color patches. Calicos/torties especially have their color due to random inactivation of genes, so a cloned calico/tortie could look absolutely nothing like the original animal.

So for me, I don't really see the point - there's no real benefit because it won't be the same as my beloved pet.
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No, when I lost Mitten, I wanted to have him stuffed so I could keep him around. Then after thinking it over, I realized I really didn't want him curled up asleep and not be alive.

At the time, I probably would have wanted him cloned - tho even if they look the same, they will not act the same Each cat is an individual.
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Let me ask a different question: Would you have your child cloned? your partner? your parents? Not me. No biological reproduction of a person you have known can ever replace that person, and so it would be for me in relation to my cats -- they ARE my kids, and no biological reproduction will ever replace these little people. No cloning for me.
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No I would not. No clone could replace my pet. It would be too painful to see an exact copy yet know it's not the same. Besides I rather enjoy getting to know a whole new pet with their own personality quirks.

Speaking of quirks, Puff turned the lights off today! Silly goose was jumping up the wall and hit the switch...lol. He also pulled down one of Sierras paintings. I don't know why but he's been very interested on whats on the walls lately.
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There are enough cats needing homes in the world, why would I want to make another?

Aside from that cloning isn't perfect yet, they have some minor problems with the cells and aging. However if they're really wanting to clone animals it may be useful for nearly extinct or extinct animals. There was talk of cloning a tasmanian tiger, that would certainly be interesting.
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Never in five billion years. For one thing, I could never reproduce the environment she has lived in, including being born a stray. I think her mom and littermates taught her lots and lots of things that I never could.
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What would be the point?
The animal would be identical to your pet in terms of DNA and appearance, but they would be very different animals from each other not having had the same life experiences, etc.

You'd be better served saving the life of a shelter pet that looks and acts similarly to your beloved pet.
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Great points!!!! I do like the excitment of a new pet. I was just wondering peoples thoughts on this topic. I always wondered if there would be enough people who would do it to make the companies enough money to stay afloat.
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nope would not do it
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As much as I miss Davidson, and even if I had the possibilty to clone him to have him back... I don't think I could I don't think I could do that, ever.
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I know that I couldn't do it. As much as miss Midnight and would give anything to be able to hold her again...just wouldn't be the same.
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Definitely not. It wouldn't be the original cat, it won't behave the same, it may not even love me the same, it wouldn't have those little quirks that make our loved ones unique.

Also with cat overpopulation it would be downright irresponsible. Maybe if in some imaginary future there was a huge cat shortage and not enough for everyone who wanted one then that would be a different matter, but at the moment, NO.
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No way. I love my cats because they're unique. Much as I'd love to have Magpie still with me, I don't want another cat that looks just like him but isn't him. Even if you could clone them so that they did behave identically I still wouldn't want that. Magpie was a one off and I want him to stay that way.
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No I would not. I think it would be really creepy to have an identical cat but with a different personality.
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IMO it kinda reminds me of Stephen King's Pet Cemetary. I have too vivid of imagination
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Nope. No way I'd do it. Once I say 'goodbye' to my babies, that will be it. I have never had to put down a pet due to old age or fatal sickness, but I know if I had to... well, WHEN I have to? ... I certainly wouldn't want to "lose them all over again".

I will miss the little buggers as they pass on, but I certainly know to enjoy their love & sweetness while they are here with me. When it's time to let go, it's just that... time to let go. Not go out and have them cloned.

Plus, the personality quirks just wouldn't be there. Cats & Dogs have their personalities and habits from being around me (environment), and they'd be too different.

Saying goodbye means saying goodbye... I couldn't go through it again!!!
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No. I don't think you can ever replicate personality - looks maybe, but not the important part of why I love my pets!

It would hurt to have a cat that looked like my Sugie, but wasn't her on the inside - I think it would cause more pain then help.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
IMO it kinda reminds me of Stephen King's Pet Cemetary. I have too vivid of imagination

These days the scientists have gone C R A Z Y! All that money used for research and to conduct creepy experiments should go to sheltering stray animals.

No, never would I clone my cats.
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
No I would not. I think it would be really creepy to have an identical cat but with a different personality.
I hadn't thought about it that way -- at first -- but you're absolutely right. It'd be like looking at my fiance and having a stranger's soul gazing out at me: to look at Spike or Oz, and have their souls (or their spirits, or what-have-you) be another cats' souls. Especially if they didn't love me the way my own two kitties love me now ... that would feel so wrong.
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If they could clone personalities along with bodies, sure.

Since they can't a big fat NOPE. I like a cat with personality..not necessarily their DNA structure.
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To clone an animal takes away the uniqueness of that animal. I love my pets for being the individuals they are.

Scientists need to stop tampering with nature...tell them to concentrate on finding cures instead!

On the general issue of cloning, I'd be intrigued to know however, if you cloned your husband, whether that clone would a) still be attracted to you and b) still have the annoying habits of hubby version 1.0?
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No. Like a lot of you said, they wouldn't have the same personality. If I wanted another cat, I would adopt one who needed a home instead.

Chevy and Summer have common characteristics. Before we got Chevy, my fiance said no to getting a cat even similar to Summer. He gets them confused enough as it is!
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No I would not. It wouldn't be the same. You can never replace a pet, ever not even by cloning them. I would never, ever do it in a billion years.
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I wouldn't. They may look the same, but their personalities will never be the same. Each individual cat is unique in it's own way. It may have the same genes, but you can't recreate the same individual experiences that nurtured and made that cat grow into it's own.
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The only thing that would be the same is the physical earth body. The spirit is something that is unique. I feel that our spirits just inhabit a body in the time we are on earth. You can not clone a spirit
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I don't think the world (nor me) could handle another 8-Bit or Bo '

No, I wouldn't
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
I don't think the world (nor me) could handle another 8-Bit or Bo '

No, I wouldn't
She speeks the truth...

No I wouldn't do it. When the boys cross the bridge there are many homeless kitties that we could choose from.
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You know, if i could bring back Jazzy, or any of our other passed on kitties, i would, but i dont like the idea of playing around with evolution and dna.
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