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Worried...did my cat eat poisonous plant?

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I've been doing some container gardening on my terrace. One of my cats, Zena wanted to go out and smell the flowers and found the day lily to her liking, thinking it looked like cat grass. I caught her taking a chomp out of it and got her away from it. I brought her back into the house where she promptly threw up 2 parts of a half a leaf. The day lily had a couple broken leaves so I'm not sure if there's anything in her stomach. I went on line and found out lilies are particularly poinsonous to plants, something I didn't know. My vet is now closed, it's evening. She appears to be ok now after throwing up, (she even throws up after eating wheat grass) I'm not sure what I should do, I could rush her to the vet ER but we are broke till pay day, tired and chances are she has nothing in her stomach. I don't know what I should do???!!!
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I can't remember, but I do believe that the day lily's tubers are the worst part of the plant. Not all lilies are as poisonous as say, easter lilies.
If you're sure she vomited all of the pieces back up and her behavior is normal, I'd wait.

To put your mind at ease and to be sure she'll be fine, can you possibly call a vet in your area? Most do provide an emergency number in the phone book next to their regular number.
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I don't know if this helps any, but I found this article on lily poisoning.


Maybe you could just call the emergency vet and get their opinion? Surely they can do something to help you with payments if they recommend that you bring your baby in... I hope that everything turns out okay.
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She appears to fine so far. Eating and drinking ok, no unusual lethargy. I think she threw up any leaf part she swallowed. It's been 16 hrs since its happened. I'm giving away the plant to someone who doesn't have cats.
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I dunno, you may want to call a vet anyway.

All members of the lily family are highly toxic to cats. They can cause death within 72 hours due to calcium oxalate crystals forming in the kidneys, which causes them to shut down. Even eating just a small amount of the plant can be deadly.

I obviously don't want to alarm you, but I would think it's better safe than sorry.
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