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Got my tattoo today

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My moms friend got me my tattoo for doing so well on my presentation! We also went to lunch and shopping ! But my moms friend doesn't like tattoos so i didnt want to say well we can get my tattoo, my mom was the one who brought it up

So me and my mom went and I got a price and I had enough well I needed $5 of my mom

It surely was a fun filled day of being nervous First tattoo for me I was scared but more excited

But here are some pics, mom took sorry they aren't the best

The only one that hurt the most was the bottom one, I def thought the top ones which the top one sits right on my shoulder blade would have hurt the most but not at all, the outline tho hurt like crazy
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That's a great tattoo Glad you got through today
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Hey cool! I like it! I was going to ask how much it hurt but I think you coverd it for me there! I just can't convince myself to go through the pain.... Although last weekend I said something to DH about it and he wanted us to go get tatoos together. I have no idea where that came from because he's never even mentioned wanting one before.
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I have several tatoos but I have never seen anything like you have. I like what you have a lot! Very unique. Congratulations!
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Thats what I was going to get on my foot- but I've seen so many people with them, I changed my mind! I love yours, I'm very jeleous!
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Very awesome!!! I love it!!
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I'm too chicken to get a tattoo! Yours looks great though!!
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Ive been meaning to get a third one for a while, and i am so tempted to get the paw prints for Jazzy.
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Thanx everyone I am very pleased with my first tattoo Now I just gotta figure out what to do about my strap for the wedding! I am sort of scared to put clothes over it I am gonna be living in halter tops for a week or so !!

I have my mom putting lotion on it and everything since i can't reach it that well! She said its not read and its not swollen anymore lets hope it stays that way!

It was definetly an exciting day, and full of nervousness and excitment! I can't believe I got my tattoo today, I had a goal set for before my brothers wedding, well I made it by 2 days

MoochNNoodles, just do it! I did, and I thought o man im gonna cry, nope not at all, now dizziness nothing Just like a bee sting i would say, and actually the bottom one hurt the most which I thought the top would because that was the boniest part!

And Dragoriana that would be so sweet
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awwww!!! it's really cute!
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psst you have paw prints on yoru shoulder,
you shoudl wash those off,

heeh just kidding those are cute
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Those are way cool! You are a braver soul then I am! I don't like pain!
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I love the design, it looks great!!
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Very cool tat. The thing about pain and tattoos is its very subjective. Your pain tolerance level is different for everyone. So what mine be extreme pain for me (or lack thereof) could be very different for someone else. I have a rose on one of my calves it only hurt for the first 5 minutes then went numb. So its very subjective.
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cool I have a tattoo of my cat
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Once you get a tatoo it can be very hard to stop!

I have several (I got my first on my 14th birthday on a visit to Belgrade) and wish I could have many more.

I am surprised in America how many people get tatoos that are not in the military. Many women too. This is not always common in differnt places.
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i have been warned that tattoos are addicting lol, i already have a few i want and my moms getting me one in June after I graduate But I already said how its like peircings for most people u can't just have one

I am soo scared to get a shower, i have a feeling imma scream !!!

Alot of people have already seen it and more tomarrow, my one grandma was like thats cool, and she hasn't seen it yet but my mom told her loL! But alot of my family members are gonna see tomarrow since the wedding is tomarrow
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
psst you have paw prints on yoru shoulder,
you shoudl wash those off,

heeh just kidding those are cute

The tat is just adorable.
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Thats fantastic!! I have four tattoo's and would have more if I had the money- I'm glad someone pointed out how addictive they can be
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I like it. It looks good. I have been wanting to get one but I'm not sure what I want yet.
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I don't like permanent tattoos - I'm terrified of needles; but yours is pretty cute

Personally I'd rather go to Red Lobster for a "thank you"
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Very cool tat!!
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