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One of the babies isn't gaining

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Smudges kittens are 3 days old at around midnight. i weighed them on tuesday night the day they were born and their weights were as follows:-
Baby A:- 106g (smallest)
Baby B:- 118g
Baby C:- 120g
Baby D:- 123g
Baby E:- 124g

Today when i weighed them their weights were:-
Baby A:- 136g
Baby B:- 141g
Baby C:- 141g
Baby D:- 118g
Baby E:- 144g

It's baby D i'm a bit concerned about, i never saw smudge deliver as she did it whilst i was sleeping so i have no order of order of birth or if she struggled with any. They all seemed fine though. Baby D is warm and doesn't cry to say he's hungry but he has been loosing weight. i'm not sure what to do with him. He's clean and seems to be active also somthing i have noticed is that he tends to feed when all the others are finished. My husband said he always seems to be at the bottom of the pile.

Any help would be great
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what are the weights now ?
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If a kitten isn't gaining weight, you can supplement feed. What I mean by this is that still leave him for mumcat to raise, but use a syringe or kitten feeding bottle to give the kitten some Cimicat or a home-made kitten formula (http://www.kitten-rescue.com/what_to_feed.html [I don't like to use quite that much mayonnaise, I use 1 tablespoon]) 3-4 times a day. He will most likely not like it all that much the first few times you try, but he should get the hang of it.
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I'd say the reason he feeds after the others is that he probably gets pushed aside when everyone is feeding, but by that time, mumcat's teats may be empty. That's probably why he's not gaining weight.
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sorry i didnt relise you hadnt finshed putting there weights on. i agree he might be being pushed aside and not getting enough milk , but just enough to not cry. i would go ahead and start supplement feeding him, still weigh him the same time daily just so you can see if he is gaining this way. keep us updated.
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Thanks for the reply's my husband is going to get a suppliment in the morning, baby was feeding with the others a little while ago but then was pushed away by one of the others, he got back on but im not sure how long for.

Do you think i need to fully suppliment or just give him a boost as he must be getting some milk from mum.
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If you were to fully supplement, you'd need to feed him every three hours - 8 times a day, through the day and night. That's why I recommended just supplementing him around 4 times a day and seeing how he goes. If he still doesn't gain, you'll need to feed him more often.
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