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Soft poop/constipation solutions?

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Hey guys!

Our boy, Hobbes, is having an issue today with soft poop and possible constipation...and he seems like his bum is sensitive, maybe a bit irritated. (He goes to the box, looks like he's trying to poop, a bit of soft poop comes out, and then comes over and complains to me a bit...and when he goes to clean his bum, it looks uncomfortable, because he goes to do it, and then changes his mind.) It isn't straight diarrhea, not runny, just soft, and doesn't hold its rounded shape well.

I used the search engine for this wonderful site, and found references to giving him canned pumpkin or sweet potato, and maybe giving him Slippery elm.

So, I have to ask...what is Slippery elm? Where can I get it? What kind of form does it come in (pill? some sort of liquid?)?

Also, do you guys further recommend the above for soft poop? He's also going more frequently, and with less output (and he's obviously trying to poop, not trying to pee, so I'm not worried about bladder infection), and due to this, I'm thinking he has a bit of constipation, too.

Help? Will canned pumpkin give him the kind of fiber he needs? What about getting some wheat grass for him to nibble on? Will that help?

Thanks guys!

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Another question...exactly how would you recommend I administer this to him?
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Okay, so I found a site that has a chart to figure out what's going on with your cat, by looking up the color, consistancy, and frequency of their bowel movements. But I'm stuck.

His poop is soft and not too large. The options are: soft and bulky, watery, foamy, or greasy. His just doesn't quite match any of them, but I guess matches the first option best...which says indicates overfeeding.

Now, here's the rub...we have two cats...and while we don't constantly keep their bowl full, we do leave it out all day long. They get, altogether for the two of them, about 2.5 cups of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Adult Formula dry cat food everyday. And we only refill it once a day...so that's all they get. We don't refill it everytime it's below the top of the bowl...it must be empty before we fill it. So, they're not freefed, to the strict meaning of the word.

So, according to all that, are they eating too much, I wonder? According to the bag, they should each get 3/4 of food, so technically we are overfeeding by a cup. I don't mind cutting that back...but is there any way to make it a gradual change? I don't want to have them waking us up all night long because they think we're not taking care of them...so that would probably be best.

Anyway, guys...give me your thoughts. Thanks!
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Okay, so here's the scoop.

After doing a bit of research, it looks like Hobbes is simply getting too much protein, in the form of getting too much food.

Background: We switched them from Purina Naturals to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul about two months ago. The switch was gradual...but we kept feeding them the same amount we did with the other food.

Given that this food has a LOT more protein and such than the other food, and is just basically pure FOOD, no extras, I think them getting the same amount that they did of the food that had added stuff (like carbs) is just TOO MUCH.

So, we'll gradually decrease the amount of food from the approximate 2.5 cups they get daily to the 1.5 cups (3/4 cup each) recommended on the bag of food.

Between that, and giving him canned pumpkin until I see his symptoms disappear, he should be just fine.

I'll keep you guys updated.

Prayers and good vibes appreciated!


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I have no suggestions- you're doing a lot of research yourself. Healthy vibes and positive thoughts to you and Hobbes. I know these health issues can be frustrating.
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It sounds like you and Hobbes will have it all worked out shortly.

I think your plan sounds good.

One thing you might do to ease the hunger pangs is to split their recommended amount between 2 meals...or 3 if you want to or can. 2 should be good.

You could give them 3/8c each in the morning, and the other 3/8 in the evening, or something to that effect. It stretches things out a bit, in case they're not good at budgeting their allowance for the day.
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as you seem to have figured out some of this ...

Purina naturals

38 protein
13% fat

Chicken soup adult


Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 30.0% Minimum
Crude Fat 20.0% Minimum

So you are giving WAY more FAT but far less PROTEIN

2.5 cups IS WAY TOO much ... 3/4 each is fairly generous ... so they get wet food???

I use slippery elm powder and mix with wet food
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Here's my two cents from dealing with my Jordan and his constipation.
I have read that a cat can be constipated and pass a small amount of loose stool around a hard piece of stool that is blocking the GI trac. This is just something to keep in mind and keep an eye on him.
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Thanks, guys!

Nope...my babies REFUSE to eat any sort of wet food...so they get exclusively dry food. I can try feeding them the slippery elm mixed with something they DO like, though, or I could just mix it with the pumpkin I'm giving him.

Thank you! You guys are awesome!

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