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Here we go again

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Little Chloe was at the vet again today. I noticed last week a few things last week which is no surprise why she is there...
1- She was insanely needy. I mean beyond being cute and happy to see me.
2- I tell my husband I think she is sick and he laughs
3-I come home from work and see nothing in the box. No pee in over 9 hours.
4-Rusty is using the box normally, but also constantly trying to tell me something.
5- This morning I notice her run to the corner of the apt and pee the smallest kitty pee you will ever see.

Here we go again.

The vet this morning was very nice. Since she had UTI in November, he was convinced she never really got over the first one. Now, since this is #2 in 6 months, she is labeled as being UTI prone which means it can flare up at any time for any reason. He suspects that her self grooming may have spread some dirties into her urtethra.

I have to pick her up at 4:00 today and get the antibotics that they prescribed for her. What a poor baby.

She was trying to tell me for almost 10 days now. My husband felt so bad. The vet said I should trust my instincts. He doesn't think it had anything to do with me slowly weaning them from Nutro to Wellness.

I just wish I could get her right now and scratch her fuzzy head. Anything I can do for her?
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Do you feed canned or dry? If you feed only dry, you might see if she'll eat some canned. That can help her produce more dilute urine and avoid the UTIs. Also, you might want to look into getting a kitty water fountain. That too will help her drink more water to keep her urine more dilute.
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She only eats dry and the vet was pleased with that. I told her when I open up wet food they turn into vultures and I hated that they never left me alone unless they had it.
Anyway, I will try the water fountain. I have always wondered about it. I switch thier water twice a day.
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Oh Bless her heart...don't blame yourself. I hope she feels better soon
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I have heard that the fountains really do help them to want to drink more water. Mine are pretty good water-drinkers anyway, and they are now getting moist food in the morning, so they're okay with that. I also give them food with some cranberries and/or blueberries in it. It does the same thing for them as it does for us. People have told me that the amount in dry food is never enough to make a difference, but we haven't had any UTIs in our cats, and they're 6 & almost 8. Innova & Artemis are two brands with cranberries or blueberries in the food.
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I feed them Wellness which claims to have triple berries for UTI protection. I have always seen those cranberry pills for cats, I just thought I was covered with the food. I know as a human the cranberries do help.
I will ask the vet today if there is anything for mainentence. I just feel so bad for her, she is only 6 pounds, so to me she is just a kitten. When the vet said she was 'of middle age' at 6 yrs old I thought "huh, my kitty is middle aged, but she is small.." I knew she was 6, she just behaves so much like a kitten I forget.
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