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Hello again! More questions

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome and the advice. As soon as I have a chance I will post pics. I promise!

I have another question for you experts.

Reminder... I picked up a kitten that was obviously too young to leave home. After a couple days I picked up a litter mate and noticed the size difference.

They both are very active and seem healthy! Thank goodness! For now I am going to call them number one and two, since their names seem to keep changing! Once my kids are sure of what they will be I will use them!

The first one is really lacking in some skills that the other has. When she eats she seems to have trouble finding the food. She gets into the whole bowl and stick her face deep into it. She comes out covered from one end to another. The other one manages to find it just fine and never spill a drop. The second baby is also doing well with dry food, where as number one only licks at it. Is this something to be concerned about?

Also, number one has really runny poops that end up all over her legs. She manages to get it all over herself when she goes. She steps in it, she sticks her tail in it. I have to clean her off several times a day, because she is a disaster. Again, number two seems to manage just fine and I have not had to really clean her at all.

I am taking her in today for a weight check and a parasite check. Is this "normal" for then to be so different, or is this a result of number two having a few more days with mom?
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With the eating, number 2 having an extra week with mumcat will make a bit of difference but kittens develop at different rates anyway and she is most likely a late bloomer.

With the runny poo, it's good you're getting the kittens checked and dewormed at the vet, as worms can cause diarrhoea. Something that can help is getting the kittens to lick a little dob of yoghurt from the tip of your finger. That adds 'friendly bacteria' to the kitten's digestive system. Something else you can do is mix in a teaspoon of canned pumkin with the kitten mash. This helps to bind the poops.
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Don't be afraid to bathe the kittens if they need it. This link tells you how: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=126129 . If you need to do a quick clean-up, baby wipes work really well.
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