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Oberon's having some Problems

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We just brought Oberon, our geriatric guy, back from the Animal Hospital, where they took blood to do a blood and urine profile. He once again has blood in his urine despite two rounds of antibiotics. He's losing weight, too, even though he has a hearty appetite (probably hyperthyroid). He was SO good, poor thing was shaking and purring like crazy.

He had a rough life before Husband adopted him fifteen years ago; he was a stray eating out of garbage cans. Two weeks after taking him in, he almost died with a wicked urinary tract blockage.

We're hoping everything is treatable and the sweet guy is with us for a long time yet. Here's some pics of Oberon:

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awww...he looks so fluffy soft! I hope he gets better.

BTW, Oberon as in Bell's Oberon - the beer?
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Oh Bless that sweet boy, I hope it's something easily treatable.
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Thanks for the good thoughts! He's named after the King of the Fairies, from A Midsummer Night's Dream.

When we captured him, he fought and fought, but just strugged, no claws or teeth. He'd stick his legs out so we couldn't get him in the carrier. Finally, he heaved a big sigh, and just gave up. I know he thought it was the end... but of course, it was the beginning of a much better life!
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He has such a wise face. He looks like a very special soul. I do hope he can be treated easily and quickly.
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Aww, bless his heart. What a love! and lots of good luck vibes.
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Awww, sending many vibes for him{{{{}}}}

He is so cute
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hi i hope Oberon starts to feel better soon
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
He has such a wise face. He looks like a very special soul. I do hope he can be treated easily and quickly.
he does look like a wise old man. I bet he has some stories to tell
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What a handsome boy! I will send healthy vibes his way!
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Oh, poor Oberon. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Looks like he has two issues going on: hyperthyroidism and renal failure. We will be treating the thyroid problem with meds, since he's not a candidate for radioactive iodine. For his kidneys, he's going on special foods, with a added powder to reduce ash (?). I need to do some research on these things now!

The good vibes are appreciated!

Our sweet old guy, Oberon, on his fav blanket:

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Ah, I'm so sorry he's sick... but at least you have a plan now. I know you'll give him great care! Sending healing light and love to your Shakespearean fairykitty...
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Oh bless him! I hope he feels better soon and does well on the meds and special food. Vibes for you and Oberon
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Hopefully the meds and diet will help him quickly!
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Ooooo!!! He's so cute on his blankie.
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So sorry your cat is sick. I hope your kitty gets well, he's precious.
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I hope he startes feeling better soon, big hugs for all of us over here.
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