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Blisters - help

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Ok, I am in sooooo much pain! Yesterday I wore a pair of shoes I had worn a few times before. It was the 1st time I wore them without trouser socks (it was a nice day, and the socks would have looked ridiculous with the skirt). By the end of the day I had blisters on both heels and on the pad of both feet near the big toe (1 on each foot). Both baby toes had blisters and across the top of each foot (basically from the big toe to the ankle) was a contact rash. I had trouble sleeping from the pain - even the blankets hurt them. Today I am at work and my shoes are killing the blisters. I even dressed today so that I could wear my most comfortable shoes - and they still hurt.

Any idea how I can get them to heal quickly?

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Maybe wrap them with tissue, then put your shoe back on. Any aloe vera around? If so, put some split pieces of that in with the tissue.

Next time don't wear those shoes again unless your wearing socks!!
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Band Aid makes a product especially for blisters. It heals them quickly and is padded for comfort. They are great. Hope you are better soon.
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Well, first off, put some bandaids over each blister... it will keep them from rubbing and being more tender.

It should only take a few days, unless they continue to get aggravation (but the bandaids should help that)... I'd put neosporin or some such antibiotic creme on them under the bandaids, just a tiny amount, or if you have aloe leave, try that. For "home" time, some epson salts, or simply a saltwater bath for your feet, or potentially even an oilated oatmeal bath would work to help soothe them. I'd do it in slightly warm water, so the stuff dissolves and gets into the pores, but only just slightly warmer than body temperature, so that it cools pretty quickly and then is much more soothing. After they've been soaking a bit, you could consider tossing some ice in the water.

I did that once, it's ouchy! I learned my lesson quick. But the blisters will be helped by the bandaids and if they're not popped already (and I know some say not to do this, but mine always heal a lot faster when I do... take a sterilized pin.. either soak it in alcohol or hold it above a lighter for awhile.. alcohol is probably the better option there (pins get really hot).. and just put a tiny hole in the top of the skin where it's actually blistered.. it won't hurt if there's fluid in there unless you actually push it through to the underlying skin. Push all the fluid out. I think it puts more pressue on the blister when they're full, and I've had better success with them being "popped".

Anyway, that's all I can think of. Hope your feetsies feel better soon.
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Thanks everyone - trust me they popped on their own - I will try some of these suggestions tonight! (if I make it from the walk home from the bus!)
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You may want to try soaking your feet in warm water and epsom salts.
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Does the liquid bandage product work for blisters??? (it might sting though).
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Does the liquid bandage product work for blisters??? (it might sting though).
Hmmm, I don't think it would sting if the blister is closed..I don't think it would protect the blister as well as a regular bandaid though.
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