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Colitis and food changes...

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Hi all.

My Toby has always had mild, allergic-type colitis. He generally has a bit of blood in his poop all the time, and certain foods make him get diarrhea quite badly. I've worked closely with his vet, and we had a great food combo that worked... but the dry was just recalled (Royal canin sensitivity dry).

I have put him on California Natural chicken and rice (dry)... and his diarrhea has come back. Otherwise he's totally fine, healthy, interactive, etc.

I'm just wondering your thoughts on how long I should wait it out... I know some component of the diarrhea is just him getting used to a new food, but at what point do you think it is a sign that he just won't tolerate this food???

I am really hoping that this dry will work... our next step is to try the Medi-cal gastro... but I honestly think it will make him worse because there's so many more ingredients (potatoes, etc).

Tips appreciated!!
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can you list the ingrediants or link it ??? for the one he had no issues with??

Typically a food change irritation would be only a few days(2-4)
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When Wally had colitis symptoms due to a food change, it lasted about four days. He didn't exactly have diarrhea- it wasn't watery; it was more like soft gooey stools (sorry for the graphic), which I've read is common with colitis. He had never had bowel issues before that.
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