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I think I have Pinkeye!

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My eye is all red and puffy and icky! I have a dr appt for this afternoon for it. The real poopy part is that because my co-instructor is on vacation, I'm at work!

I know its contagious but I had to come in for mettings and no one was available to cover my classroom. Even my boss had a test to do at the drs this morning so she couldn't cover. She should be here in a bit to cover my dr appt though.

I'm wearing my glasses so I can't see like normal. I didn't update my glasses when I got my contacts last because I hardly ever wear my glasses outside. Guess I'll be ordering new lenses sometime soon!

For now I'm constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer gel!
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Get that taken care of asap! I hate pink eye... I once had it both eyes and couldn't open either eye because they were matted with gunk! My mom had to get numerous warm wash clothes to wipe my lids and lashes (to get the puss and infection out) before I could open my eyes... I was little then! Best of luck... Pink eye is no fun!
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I put a warm washcloth on my eye last night and that seemed to help....wish I could walk around with one like that now!
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Yes it feels good! Im trying to remember what they gave me for my pink eye... I think it was just some amoxicillin and drops! I hope it doesn't spread to anyone else! Can't you go home for the day... Just tell your boss if you can't leave you will spread the disease
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
Yes it feels good! Im trying to remember what they gave me for my pink eye... I think it was just some amoxicillin and drops! I hope it doesn't spread to anyone else! Can't you go home for the day... Just tell your boss if you can't leave you will spread the disease
I'd love to leave....believe me! But then my students will be here all by themselves! They are adults, but I have people in eval and no one to cover me for more than my appt. Maybe I can for tomorrow....we'll see what the dr says.
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That blows.... Sorry to hear that! They can't bring in a subsitute for the rest of the day? Not sure what kind of teacher you are and if that's even how it works!
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Maybe its just irritated? My eyeball gets red sometimes, and people say it looks like pink eye, but it never actually is
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Hope you feel better soon!
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I just got home from the pharmacy....

My doctor's exact words were 'Pinkeye is really going around!' I look like a freak with one totally bloodshot and puffy eye and one normal one. I could be an x-men character!

So I've got my eyedrops and some seafood salad and a sierra mist to consol me. My dr also said to take tomorrow off but I told her I can't. It really sucks! The one time I'm ligitmately really have a reason to call out I can't! Since I work for a small private trade school, there are no subs. Even my boss can't really do my job. She's not too computer litterate. Plus she's out tomorrow for a dr appt about an hour away from the office. My head is hurting and my eye is tired feeling. Might be partly from wearing my glasses instead of contacs but still stinky. I'm gonna go lay on the couch and watch the movie Grease.
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If you can rig up an eyepatch to keep that eye firmly closed overnight (and anytime you're not driving), it will heal much faster. And you'll look so rakish and jaunty!
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Aww, I hope your eye feels better soon!!
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I hate having pink eye. It's been a few years since I have had it, but when I was a kid I got it about once a month.
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I hope you feel better soon! I got to play doctor yesterday and educate the pharmacists! I realized that my sister had ringworm yesterday... So you are not alone in the sad a contagious issues going around!
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Oh my, I had pink eye once and it was horrible. It's much worse for adults when adults get it. My little girl had it once and it cleared up right away for her, but for me it took about a week. I had to put this gunk in my eyes like 3 times a day and it was really yucky. I was in the same boat too, I always wear contact and only wear my glasses at night. I too had not updated my glasses prescription in some time. Since the pink eye, I have new glasses if it ever happens again! I hope you start getting some relief soon!
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There are actually four types of Pinkeye (officially called Conjunctivitis)... I've had two: the gunky, nasty one, and the other one where you don't get as much puss and other ...

I was in 4th grade when I had the gunky one (believed back then to be Bacterial, but now I wonder if it was the 4th on on the list: GPC). My eyes were swollen shut, along with the puss. I was like that for over two weeks. Both eyes. I know what it feels like, if only temporarily, to be blind.

About ten years later, I got in again, only this time it was the Viral Conjunctivitis. Another ten years go by and at roughly 30 years old I get the Viral form again. I figure at 40 I'll just get it again... and then again at 50 and so forth. The third time i got it, I was working in a hospital kitchen... not allowed to work at ALL until it was completely cleared... urgh. Thankfully, the Viral form doesn't usually last nearly as long, as is as nasty, as the Bacterial form.

Ahh the memories of torturing my mother while I was stuck at home, tempoorarily blind... heh heh heh...

<<Viral conjunctivitis usually affects only one eye and causes excessive eye watering and a light discharge.

Bacterial conjunctivitis affects both eyes and causes a heavy discharge, sometimes greenish.

Allergic conjunctivitis affects both eyes and causes itching and redness in the eyes and sometimes the nose, as well as excessive tearing.

Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) usually affects both eyes and causes contact lens intolerance, itching, a heavy discharge, tearing and red bumps on the underside of the eyelids.>>

(thanks to for the above info)

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Uh my eyes are watering just thinking about my pink eye days! I got the really gunky one when I was younger and wasn't able to open my eyes! I remember I went swimming the night before at our apartments pool... I kept opening my eyes in the highly chloronated water... Next day I had wicked pink eye?
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