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I was with Olivia and the kittens and thought I'd just check Olivia's teats as part of her daily grooming.

Two of them were hot, hard and swollen (I didnt know if thats because the kittens had just finished nursing off her). She's eating well, alert and not in apparent pain, but I was concerned. So I logged on here and read about mastitis and called my vet, who said to bring her in. Took her in this afternoon...her temperature is 'halfway' between normal and a slightly raised temperature. The vet said the the teats were warm but that is normal of milk-producing teats but that it looked like there could be a mild case of mastitis as they were a bit hard/swollen/lumpy. The two kittens have chosen their favourite teats and are sucking them for all they have got, the vet said.

The vet was explaining that mastitis becomes dangerous when bacteria gets into the teats from any broken tissue on the teats or the teat duct itself. She said (thank goodness) that Olivia was not at a critical stage and it looks like the onset of the condition, if in fact it is mastitis.

Olivia had an antibiotic injection and is on tablet antibiotics from tomorrow as a precaution. The vet said the babies could continue to nurse off her, but if Olivia gets worse or the kittens appear to be having problems, I have to go back to the vet to learn how to bottle feed them. This is where I could do with your help guys...I just want to know what I need to be looking out for...the continuation of hot, swollen, lumpy teats? Olivia's stopping to nurse or looking uncomfortable nursing? Her losing her appetite or looking ill? The kittens looking ill? Anything else? How often should I be checking? Olivia and the kittens look alert at the moment but I just want to be cautious...they have nursed off Olivia about 4-5 times today with no apparent problems.

Also what I want to know (the vet didnt make it clear), is the lumpiness normal? Is it a problem only if infection gets into the teats?

Just looked on Olivia now and her teats are not as hot, but they are 'lumpy'. I hope all goes ok. Fingers crossed.
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The best indication of how everything is going is the kitten's weight. Weigh each one at exactly the same time every day. At 3 weeks, they should be putting on around 20 grams a day. As Olivia is on antibiotics, I don't expect that she will get worse - she will most likely get better.
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Ugh. Mastitis is awful. We had a shelter cat with it....she had 7 - 3 week old babies. We set her up with a heating pad to lay on(she liked the warmth). Antibiotics & pain meds if necessary. Watch to see if any of her teats get worse. That's about all I know.

I hope Olivia is OK!
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Unfortunately the only thing I know about mastitis refers to Holsteins and dairy milk... I don't think the info is relevant, lol.

and hope all the darlings get to feeling better.
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Sorry I don't have any helpful advice but it sounds like you've done everything right by getting her seen by a vet early. I hope she gets better soon and that you don't have to bottle feed. Maybe buy some cimicat or KMR to have on standby in case you need to.
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just wanted to say well done you for being so viglint SP??? and getting it seen to so quickly.
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Thanks for all your advice
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the only suggestion I have is to watch if Olivia will get up and move when the kits try to nurse, that would be the best indication that she is in pain to me
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How's Olivia and the babies doing today?
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Originally Posted by pawsandwhiskers View Post
How's Olivia and the babies doing today?
All seems better thanks for asking! Olivia's eating and nursing..teats are still swollen though (well it isnt the teats themselves that are swollen, its the area around the teats), but she is able to nurse and does not move away in pain. The kittens are having a 'midnight' explore session as i type! Im wondering about giving the kittens KMR...see if they take to that to give Olivia's teats a chance to recoup...good idea or not? I dont want to discourage her milk flow. The kittens are fine weight wise (just above the average for 3 weeks) just wondering only to intervene if there seems to be a problem or whether to try KMR now (even if it just replaces one or two feeds a day) to allow Olivia's swollen teats get better? Any ideas or a question for the vet? (The vet said if things got worse Id have to bottle feed...but just wondering if there is anything I can do now while Olivia is getting better?)
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Glad shes a bit better. Don't know the answer to be honest, maybe something you could ask the vet over the phone. i doubt it will do any harm to replace some of the feeding as long as its not lots, but as i said, i don't want to tell you the wrong thing!

Maybe give the vet a call tomorrow am and just ask! Or someone else might be able to advise better!

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As far as my understanding of it..... it's better for them to stay on mom's milk if at all possible. Definitely ask your vet, though. If she doesn't seem to be in pain, then it's probably okay. She probably produces enough or on a schedule that is consistent with the kittens needs. Dunno, but the vet will have answers I'm sure.
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