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Exercise Caution When Sunbathing

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Advice from Norman: You don't want your face to wrinkle prematurely, so you should keep your head in the shade when you are sunning your tummy.

I love this cat. He's got so much personality!
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hahah. That is so adorable.
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Awww look how precious Norman looks. What a sweet baby protecting his face from the sun
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That is just tooooo funny! Thats the best thing I've seen allllll day!
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How cute, a black and white sun bunny! Great picture

I love to kiss my cats' sunwarmed fur! Nuthin like it!

Your Norman should be glad I am not there, or I would be attacking him!! My cats hide from me when they get the slightest hint that I want hugs and kisses!!
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OMG, I love it!!!
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What great pics - you can just tell he is loaded with personality!
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look at that soft belly all warm from the sun. He would be getting such a belly rub from me (that is if he likes that kind of thing)
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That's so cute!!
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Oh That's precious
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well duh Meowmy, it's hard to sleep with your eyes in the direct sunlight...
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aww a sun-savvy kitty give that lovely fluffy tum a tickle from us
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What a gorgeous little guy he is! And obviously, he is a heavy sleeper, since your photographic hijinks didn't disturb him at all!
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Awww OMG! That is just so cute! And with his little paws above his head too
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That is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!!
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I'm afraid that I can't pass along your tummy scratches. Norman is NOT a fan of having his tummy scratched. I think he's sensitive of his "spare tire!"
I really do adore this cat. The cat I had when I was last living at home lived to be 17. She passed away several years after I moved out. I always tell Norman, "I hope you live to be 17." Then I tell Sarah, "You better not live past 10!" Norman just has such an incredible personality. I think he may have spoiled me for cats forever. I am willing to take his brattiness as a part of the package because he's really a very sweet boy. I've never had a cat like him before. I've never even met a cat like him before.
Thanks for admiring my little guy!
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