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Does outside noise bother your cats?

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We have the Landscaper here this morning doing our spring cleanup and with the sound of weedwackers, mowers, leaf blowers etc.. and of course strange people outside the windows, Reeses has been hiding all morning (under the covers, her favorite hiding spot in the last few months). She's only come a few times to meow at me as if to say "Are they gone yet??"

Are any of your cats bothered by outside noise/people?
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Sure are - but they are great watch-cats! If they hear something, they have to run to each of the windows to investigate it!
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Joey growls at people outside...the other ones just like to look and be nosy
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Wally is used to the typical city noises, but he'll perk up at something unusual, like when the super comes to trim the shrubs. The only time he actually hides is when people come into my apartment.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Sure are - but they are great watch-cats! If they hear something, they have to run to each of the windows to investigate it!
She'll investigate if it's a snow plow or big truck or something, but with this she's just hiding constantly.

I just hope she knows enough to come out when she has to go to the bathroom *lol*
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Mine seem interested and jump up in the windows to see but don't seem overly bothered, unless it is a bird like this morning
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My kitties get annoyed with kids playing outside! We just moved and kids come and play football right in front/on our porch! They act loud and really aggressive with eachother... Drives me crazy but really drives the kitties crazy! Other than that they seem to be ok with outdoor noises! The really flip and get pissed and go into attack mode when I make noises like in the movie the grudge! It totally freaks them out... My bf yells at me whenever I do it!
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If its a "new" noise, mine hide and will sneak back out to take a peak........... but noises they are accustomed to, they are not bothered.
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Noodles doesnt seem to care. Mooch hid all day the other day when my neighbor was using some construction equipment outside. Poor thing would not come out for anything!
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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
Are any of your cats bothered by outside noise/people?
any outside noise makes her very curious, she darts to the nearest open window to watch what is going on, sometimes she will talk to the people or the sounds. Loud sounds in the house really catch her attention and curiousity as well.
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Having two deaf cats, no those two aren't.
Damita is terrified of outside noise being blind
Lily is afraid of everything.
Molly is afraid of everything
Dory is a big tough scaredy cat!
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Originally Posted by whuckleberry View Post
The only time he actually hides is when people come into my apartment.
I can't get my cat off of people when they visit, the more visit, the more social she becomes. She even gets into people's purses and sees what she can find. She has won a lot of people over to the Sphynx breed, she just can't get enough attention and likes everyone.
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Poor Reeses. About 6 1/2 hours later, the landscaper is still here doing work, and she is still hiding, this time in the closet. It's cooler in there anyway

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Only if it's really loud like thunder or fireworks.
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Yup Chester is bothered by some outside noises but not others.

I used to think he was a fire house cat because when a fire truck went by he would go and look out the window. But if a bunch of them go by and the windows are open the noise scares him.

If he is in the window and a lawn mower or any loud work equipment goes by he will jump down and go hide. Some times if the window is open and something loud goes by it will scare him off the bed.

He is also afraid of vacuum cleaners inside and out. When they vacuum in the hallway he heads for cover. Also the door bell sends him to the nearest hiding spot.

His first choice of hiding spots is under the blanket on the bed. If it's really serious he is closet bound.

On a serious note, I know that in an emergency like the fire alarm going off he will more than likely end up in the walk in closet in my room. So that's where I keep his carrier.
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Sho is very afraid of thunder, as I've mentioned before. Otherwise any outside noise, lawnmowers, weedeaters, neighbor's vehicles, etc has them in the windows spying on the neighbors.

I have a bad habit of tapping on my desk when I'm at the computer listening to music, this seems to really annoy the cats... and everyone else. It usually results in one of the cats taking whatever I'm tapping with away, pen, marker, paint brush, etc.
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God yes...may cats get scared over everything....our neighbors now sound like they live in our apartment so they are always alert and when a loud noise comes...under the bed they go!
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Poor Reeses! Cute pictures though.
Siam is the same way, any outside noise and he freaks out and starts trying to find a place to hide. Kinda runs around in circles until he decides on a direction.
Spud will go to the window to see what is making the noise....if he feels like getting up! lol!
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They would be constantly unhappy if they were! I live close to a bunch of bars, 2 hospitals, 2 major thoroughfares and like 3 blocks from the El.

Haha, this reminds me of when I live in a building backed that up onto the El tracks and the building shook all Blues Brothers Style. But that's not all! The part of the building that was closest to the tracks was THE BATHROOMS! The showers, in fact. So when I would shower in the morning, you know, when rush hour was happening, I could literally feel the floor moving beneath my feet and was often afraid that should a train derail and crash through the wall, there I'd be, buck naked and shampooing my hair
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