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A typical evening

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Being so pregnant and so round, this horizontal position is how I try to spend my time after work. Since I'm still working 40+ hrs a week, when DH says to go rest, I do.

I walked in the door yesterday and both kitties met me, meowing up a storm until I got into bed. I guess we needed some purr time, because they stayed that way for hours with their motors going.

I guess this just goes to show that they definitely know that something is up, this new routine has only been happening the past couple of weeks, usually the kitty girls are happy enough to spend their evening looking at the birds out the back door and playing toys with me in the living room.

About 9pm Abbey got up and told DH he needed to go tuck the kids in (when I usually get up and do it, but I was sound asleep last night) by standing on the books he was studying from in the kitchen until he got up.

Sorry for all the blab, but the pic needed a story
Ignore the swollen non kitty in the middle, that's me being miserable

So how do you spend your evenings?
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Aww, those are some very beautiful and helpful companions you've got there!
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aw. Glad their keeping you comfy. I spend my evenings chatting online or cuddling with hubby.
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What a great photo! Your kids are just practicing being "Mother's little helpers"!
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aww nothing best than kitty cuddles I hope it cheered you up a bit
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Awww They just wanna keep the baby warm
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That's a very sweet picture!!
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Awwwwwwww how precious is that pic!!
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What a sweet pic Congrats on your baby
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