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just to say hi

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Hello all, I got to come home from work early tonight so I decided to come to my favorite place!! I checked on my new babies before I got online and our orange striped baby's eyes are beginning to open!!! I am sooo excited! I am trying to use smilies for the first time tonight too. So please forgive me if I go overboard.

The kits are really growing. Prissy's ears are much better and the outside where it was raw from her scratching is almost completely healed. Good old neosporin to the rescue. I am continuing to treat her once a day for the earmites until a vet checks her. What a treat that is!! She hates it, but it has helped.

I am sooo ready for the kittens to be able to play. I love to watch them. I am mad at my husband tonight. Baron is not in the house. I am so afraid something will happen to him. I went out and called for him but no answer. I have told everyone he can go out during the day but not at night. Oh well, he will be waiting at the door in the morning ready to come in. By the way this smiley looks just like him.

Well it is one am here and I am going to go to bed. Hope everyone has a good night. I don't want to keep repeating myself but I just absolutely love this site. Everyone is just so nice. You are all angels.

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WOW! You have a baby kitten with the lil' eyes just opening? How about the ears? I bet they're just coming up too.

I just love that!
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Best wishes to you and your little feline buddies! Sleep tight, all of you.

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Gr8Nurse: Please check in the lounge; Vlinder needs to talk to an RN. Thank you.
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Enjoy them now...they grow so fast!! 4 months seemed like 4 weeks!
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Don't say that. I am sooo enjoying these babies. So far Prissy has not attempted to move them. Once they get big enough to walk around I will have to get them a different box so they can use the litter pan. Don't want problems with that. Especially since I am keeping 2.
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Where do the little jumping icons come from?? I can't see where to pick them from...
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Hi again vlinder. Up at the top of the page when you are replying to a post the very last line under forum rules where it says html code is off and smilies are on-click on the word smilies. It will take you to the smilies page that tell you how to use them. I printed this out to have so it is easier. I think it is way cool. Hope this helps
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okay!! I want to try one then...

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