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Cat attack my leg....

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I'm new here and visit everyday to read but now I have a question to ask all of you cat lover :o)

I'm a pet sitter and sitting for a cat - 4 yrs old male, fix, brown short hair Tabby , and every time I go visit him (once a day), he attacks my leg at least once during the visit. It's a good thing I wear jeans because I would probably have bite marks on my leg. Been sitting him since last Saturday and he started doing this on the 2nd day.

I have 2 cats of my own and they never done this. No other cats I have sit for ever done this either. I'm thinking the cat is lonely or wants to play because he is very nice - he rolls on his back and lets me rub his tummy, gets brushed and all.

I even tried playing with him and his toys but he doesn't have any interest in them. I bring some I use with my cats and he doesn't care to play at all. So I am thinking he is lonely.

Anyone knows why he does this?. His owner is old so I try to walk very slow (LOL) and watch him but he still attacks my leg once during the sit.

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He probably smells your cats on your jeans and toys, and it's instinct for him to attack. Try keeping a newly washed pair of pants at the house (or rub his own toys or blankets on yours) and don't give him your own cat toys. Even just stroking him a bit and then wiping your hands on your jeans may help.
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This might shed some light:

About Attacking Ankles

The post is about ankles, but I think it's just a variation on the theme. And it's not something that all cats do.
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Great!! Thanks so much for the link!
It makes sense!
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