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Moved Nest

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I followed the advice I got on here and moved Mary-Jane and her babies upstairs to my room. I put the kittens in the new, bigger nest and made sure she saw me do all of this, but she kept meowing at me. She was licking her babies like she normally would but every free second she'd let out a big meow to me. I transfered her kittens back to their orignal nest which I also brought up from the crawlspace to in my room, and then left them all in my room and closed the door (food, water, and litter was in there). I slept on the couch in order to let Mary-Jane settle down but I woke up at 2AM to hear her meowing and banging on my bedroom door. I came upstairs and opened the door and she had brought all the kittens out of the nest and beside the door. Obviously she wanted them out of there, so I put them in the nest and put it back where it used to be in the crawlspace, and replaced everything else such as the food and water, where it used to be. She continued meowing at me all night and bugging me, until I started ignoring her and she left me alone.
The next morning, (yesterday) the kittens were missing! I finally found them behind a bunch of stuff in the crawlspace. They seemed comfortable and out of danger but they are very inaccesible (for me) and laying on the cold, dirty, cement floor. I want them to go back to the nest for their own safety, but I don't want to betray Mary-Jane's trust again by moving them. She is currently somewhere outside via an unattended open window so I won't touch them until she comes back, but anyways how long should I wait before transfering them back to the orignal nest? (They turned 2 weeks old on Monday)

This is them a few days ago...

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I don't have any advice on her moving them, as both of my girls are in large dog crates with their babies... so they can't move them. I'm sure someone will come along soon with some advice for you.
But please don't let her find a way outside if she isn't spayed yet, she can become pregnant now even though she's still nursing.

And also, they are adorable babies!!!
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I'd recommend putting her and the kittens back in your room. The crawlspace can be a very dangerous place, especially once the kittens start walking around. Get a large cardboard box, put it on it's side and tape up the bottom flap, so it stops the kittens getting out just yet. drape the whole thing with a sheet or large towel, so it's like a cave. Also set up a cat travel carrier with the door open and again, draped in a sheet or large towel. This will give Mary-Jane a few choices.
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