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All grown up

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The babies are now seven months old and very grown up. And I am just amazed at the relationship they have! My mother keeps asking when I am going to give the kittens away, even though I decided to keep them when they were only a few weeks old, I couldn't possibly seperate them now!

They miss their couch. I gave it to my cousin who just got her first apartment last week. They are sad and often lie on my bed in disgust.
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mom looking tired... why are these kids still here?

In memory of the couch.
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Oh, what sweet kittens! And you are right, Mom is wondering "when are they ever going to leave..."Is this the empty nest syndrom?
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Great pics they are adorable...Funny pic of their Momma
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I love all those toes!!!! At first I thought, that tabby is going to be a big cat, but then on second inspection I realized that we have extra toes.
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aww they are such sweethearts, I can see why theres just no way you could let those precious ones go.....

yours forever
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TOES!!! What cuties; I could never part with them, either.
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Awww What a gorgeous little family you have!
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Mom has beautiful gold eyes! I couldn't part with kittens either which is why I don't have them! LOL
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They are getting so big, they are just all a bunch of cuties
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Awwwwwwwwwwww look at those sweeties! I have a Mom and her babys too.
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