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Foster kitten Millie

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my foster Mums. Petal, kittens are now 2 weeks old. 2 of her kittens are doing really well and are little barrels. Sadly it seems little Millie may have been starved of oxygen during labour and it seems this has caused her some neurological problems. I have been topping her up with cimicat as she struggles to feed from Mum ans although it nowhere near as fast as her sisters she has been putting on weight slowly. The vet has given her a couple of antibiotic injections as she had a viral infection and they wanted to prevent secondary infection. The vet said to take every day as it comes and we have had good days and bad days , but she is still fighting.

Petal is being very good and cuddles up to her and washes her.

Please can you think positive thoughts for this little one.
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Poor little girl! I hope she does well and mum continues to care for her. Sending out good thoughts and get better vibes to little Millie. If she is well enough, give her a little chin scratch from me. Please keep us posted on her progress.
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Sending health and healing vibes for this little one. Do you have a picture of her?

If you can get it, I'd recommend KMR over Cimicat.
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I have some better ones on my lap top with I will put on later, but this is Millie. (The date isn't right on the camera. This was taken yesterday)

I will have a look online for KMR as haven't seen it locally. I hadn't heard of KMR until coming on here. What is the difference between KMr and Cimicat?
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Awww, she is a sweetie. Here's an online UK website that sells KMR (scroll down about half-way

I'm in Australia and know a lot about Aussie milk replacers but I'm not up on the differences in other countries. I recommended KMR because many US members have had great results with it.
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Aww poor little girl. She is a sweetie. Sending lots of healing healthy vibes to her.
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Here is another pic of Millie

She had a ad turn earlier, but that has settled now. I am willing her to fight and so far she has. She is so thin compared to her susters bless her.
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Aww, she's adorable... I hope she starts feeling better soon!
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She is a total love! Just look at those pictures!

Please her that Meow, Calie and I, tell her to keep fighting and doing her best!

The whole house is sending prayers, wishes and GREAT thoughts, her way.

To you and the cat family,
Hang in there !

Best of luck,
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Thank you all for your best wishes and positive thoughts.

She is still fighting, but her weight and weight gain is a worry. I am going back to the vets today. She has only according to my scales put on 20grams since last Thursday. She certainly is very thin. She is taking the bottle, although her suck reflex isn't good, so it takes a bit of time. She takes between 1ml and 6ml every 2 hours. She weighs 197grams today and she is 16 days old. The vet wanted to see how she went over weekend, but I will feel better getting her checked today
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Good vibes coming your way little Millie..come on girl!
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i hope she comes through all of this.x
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