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Bruno Beazley...Arooo to you!!

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I got some new pics of Bruno our basset houndie boy and a couple of the family...Please keep this tidbit of info in mind while looking at the pics. We all look like crap, dave just got off work i was still in my cleaning clothes and both of us hate getting pics taken of us. The girls just finished eating and refused to have their faces wiped off but their kids so they wash pretty nicely...LOL...

*My mood of the day*

*And then Dave made me "smile pretty"*

*My hodgepodge family..But what the hey..I love em anyways*

*Bruno sitting on Maddis lap*

*He was sitting nicely till I snapped the pic and he started to get up*

*Playing the staring game with Lil Man*

*Got an itch...Scratch it*

*Maddi and Katy...Katy had decided to do a "gangsta" pose. *

*And the big bad bossman of the house..Cant you tell hes in control*

*I just previewed the post...Man do we ever look like a funky bunch of people...I can promise you that we dont normally look that crazy or grimey..It was just one of those days, full of cleaning and running around like crazy peoples...LOL*
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What a great looking family you have

I'm not sure Hercules is so happy about all that photo taking
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Your kids are gorgeous - all of them!! There's nothing that warms my heart more than seeing a mixed-breed family

There's always so much love in houses like yours
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Hercules was a grumpy old man yesterday. Him and Bruno were having cohabitation issues with Lil Man. Bruno wanted to lick him and Herc thought he needed to be psycho daddy!! Thankfully Dave solved that problem by having a nice heart to heart with Herc.
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Oh, I'm lovin' Bruno!!!!

What a sweet family you have...I know the embarrassment of throwing up pics of your family...I have a few where the kids look like waifs off the set of Les Miserables myself!!! Yours are NOT that bad, however!!!

Perhaps when Rita's (our basset puppy) a bit older, she'll have to give Bruno a call, and have lunch.
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You have a wonderful family...skin and fur Your girls are doll babies
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I think that Rita is Brunos new gf...He was arrooooing away at her pics when he was sitting with me...I think hes got a crush on that sweet lil houndie girl
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Wonderful pics!!!!
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Beautiful family!
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Aww a wonderful family! I always worry a bit when I see the "perfect" photos
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