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We're moved!

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OK, this has been just about the most dis-organized move ever, I'm sure!

At least all the furniture is in place - but man oh man are there boxes EVERYWHERE.

The kitties are completely at home - they adjusted in like one day!

We FINALLY got everything out of the old house. Our current garage (not much of a basement, and it has a mold problem that wasn't fixed before we moved in) is packed floor to ceiling with all our JUNK. Of course Gary and the guys made a number of trips without my supervision - so there are old storage boxes from the other basement and garage that are all mixed in with stuff that should be unpacked into the house...

And there was a long list of things the landlord here needed to take care of. It's going to be a while before the new kitchen cabinets are in, because we just don't have time to deal with it now. And now the basement is going to have to wait until we get everything sorted and unpacked...

And we learned that the plumbing needs some attention - you cannot flush the toilet while someone's taking a shower!

But at least we have a roof over our heads, with heat, water (as miserable as it is) and air conditioning. And our clothes and linens are unpacked. I'm sure Gary will eventually get the washing machine and dryer hooked up.... (should I take bets on him doing it the minute he runs out of clean underwear?)

Little by little, right?

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Which one of you was the unlucky soul in the shower the first time the toilet was flushed?

Glad you're moved in & everyone made it OK! Have fun unpacking....it's like Christmas opening all those boxes!
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Glad u guys are moved in And I am glad that the move went ok Now is the fun part...the inpacking Also I am glad that the kitties adjusted great
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Isn't it a great feeling when all your Stuff is in one place again? Congratulations! May you have much joy and good fortune in your new home!
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lol and people wonder why i liked life better when it all fit in a oversized back pack and a couple of suit cases.

but then of course i did have my fish and cats. lol yes i like my fish.
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Glad the move is over, Laurie. Now Gary and the kits can settle in.
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I am so glad it is done! Hopefully the most difficult part is done...now you just have to find everything!
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That's great that you all are finally in. ..So glad the cats have adjusted
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Gary and I both lived out of a backpack for years. Me because I was in a weird college and traveled to various places around the world for about 6 years - Gary because he was in the army for 6 1/2 years actively.

In fact, when we got back together after those experiences (we'd dated in high school), neither one of us was willing to commit to one place, so we lived in an RV full time, traveling around the country for 11 years!

But he's a pack rat and LOVES yard sales - so by the end of that 11 years, we had stuff in storage in Chicago, Elkhart, IN, and NJ. We got to consolidate all of that in the new home when we finally moved into a house in 2004.

And though the move was a bear, and we have lots of stuff we need to give to good will, sell at a yard sale, or just plain throw away - and that all got moved with us - - I wouldn't trade being in a house now for that back pack!

And it was Gary in the shower when his mom flushed the toilet from her bathroom. The SCREAM let us know just what the problem was!

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