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Lots of kitty news!

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Two major kitty happenings in our house...

On 5 November, my aupair found a 12 week old kitten about to cross a very busy road, so brought it home. Worried that she'd done the wrong thing, she kept it in the porch and phoned me. Of course I told her that the kitten was staying (what on earth was such a young kitten doing out on Bonfire Night?) and we've taken to her quite well. She's black and white, very sweet natured and looking a little less haggard than when we first found her!

And my other three kitlets have all been speyed/neutered and had a sex change. Explaination? The little black girl is actually a boy and the ginger boys are girls! I cannot sex kittens! Jinx managed to pop one of her stitches within minutes of being let out of her basket, and we are keeping her confined in the hope that the remaining stitch will hold! Eek! Fingers crossed for us please!

I'll try and get some piccies on line, but you know how they don't sit still for long enough!


PS: Is there anyone in England who is collecting Felix tokens? I'm not collecting them, but feed Felix to mine, so shout if you want my tokens...
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Hi!! Well bless you for taking in such a teeny baby!! What WAS the poor thing doing out at that age!??! AND on Bonfire night?!?!!?

Can't wait to see pics of all the babies, can never have too many kitten pics!! Hoping that Jinx will tay still long enough to let her stitches heal!! Naughty girl!!

By the way, I think I recognise your name... are you also a member of "Dogpages"??
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Hee, hee, sussed! Yep, I'm on DogPages, K999 and 3RT...I obviously have nothing else to do with my time... In fact, it was you that dropped the link for this site that brought me here!

The little kitten has been called Bonnie after Bonfire Night and has been reported found by us to the RSPCA. No-one has tried to find her so it looks as though she's here for keeps! My aupair intends to stay in England for four years and then go back to Canada, now with a little more baggage than she intended, as she wants Bonnie to go back with her!

It brings our total number of cats to 7 - my lucky number!

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Haha!! I knew it I knew it!!! Sooo my "advertising" won you over!! :laughing:

Thats such a cute name for the little one, all the best to her!! (and you, and the Au-pair!!)

I also have 7 cats and 2 dogs.. are you copying me!??!?! :laughing: (but I don't have the 40 small extra furries... though I would if I could!!! )
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PS, seeing as you have sooo many small furries... if you ever need a hand in homing any... give me a shout!! I just love all things furry and if hubby thinks they desperately need a new home... he'll give in.... :laughing:
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The ups and downs of rescue... we only have 9 ratties and 4 gerbils looking for homes at the moment. I have a gang of 7 girlie rats that are permanent residents through various problem behaviours, so I'm not as full as I could be.

Are your pups behaving themselves at dinnertime now? Difficult training two isn't it?

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Well good for you taking on those poor little rats and gerbils... you can post pics of them too on here ya know *hint hint*

Yep the puppies are behaving as long as I am stood with them, I am slowly leaving them a little longer each time so hopefully I will eventually be able to let them eat by themselves!!

It is a job training two at once, but so much fun, they are our nightly entertainment!! Who needs TV!! :laughing:
How are your two??
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Hi Diana

It's great to see you and congrats on the new baby!!

Please don't let BodLover near any Hammies!! (It's not safe!) Don't let her know I warned you! :tounge2:
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HEY!! you stay outta this you!!!! I'm perfectly safe with hammies now... :laughing:
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Run Hammies run............
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Uh oh, is there history there? And BundyLee? What on earth are you doing still up!

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It's only 11pm over here so still early. I am off to bed soon though cause I am a tired little girl from rounding up all the Hammies and getting them to a safe house!!! LMAO!!!!!!!
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Diana, don't listen to her!! ITs all a lie!! there is NO history!! Its the voices again - they do confuse her so...
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You two are both insane!

So, as I have HUGE problems getting piccies on line, can one of you mad hatters please offer to put piccies up if I email them to you?

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Now Hammie girl tska tska.

Diana knows me and is me mate so don't go thinking you can get out of it that way. Just ignore her Diana. I do!!! No Vegemite for you Bodbabe!

Seriously though it is nice to hear from you Diana. Hope all the furlings are well as well as hubby and the kids.
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Yeeeees if I can, send them to, but if they are too big then someone else will have to help you as I can't re-size anything on this flippin' work computer
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I'll do it for you mate!!! Don't give it to her cause she will sell them on the internet!!! HUH!!!
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Don't trust her Diana.... she's not safe
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You're not right, are you? Now I see why you spend so much time with your kitties... because you're not allowed out with other people!

Diana x
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Ah Diana don't be so mean to poor Bodlover, it's not her fault.

You did mean her didn't you
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Couldn't resist a s:censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: at that last one Diana. POOR Bod. I think she's finally been rumbled!
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Oh, oh that hurt!!! Fine, I'm leaving.... :laughing: (good job I'm too thick to be insulted by that comment! :tounge2: )
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Diana, Bonnie sounds like a doll! Those poor little kittens, now they will have gender confusion issues being called boys when they were girls and vice-versa. LOL
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Diana! How sweet of you to take Bonnie in!! Do you have any pics of her to show us?
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Pictures of Bonnie and the other (now correctly sexed) kitties are still in the camera waiting to be finished.... bit slack of me I know, but I'm working on it. Perhaps I'll be able to get them up next week. Watch this space.......

Diana x
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Watching with baited breath!! Can't wait!!
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