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so Stormie has a very loud meow, and when we are outside she makes it known she wants you to either be in the house with her or her come outside with u! My dad keeps saying, why don't you let her out here with u I told him go get me the harnesses and everything and they would be outside with me But everytime we are outside Blue goes to the door, Bella goes to the door, Tessa sometimes, and Stormie is usually there meowing her little heart out! Also Blue meows rarely but when u are outside and shes not, u better get prepared the meowing is on So now everytime that a kittie is at the door my dad says, awe let them come sit with us

And tonite, he came to tell me good luck tomarrow and he was trying to tell me where the remote was...he said by that cat cage I said litterbox he said no no, the thing in the living room the tower thing! I was like the cat TREEE

Some men, why don't they just understand