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Lookie what I got!

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Meet Goober!

Not sure yet if Goober is a girl or boy bunny (but I will call him a "He" for now ....he belonged to my nieces BF's SIL, but she can't afford to keep the bunny anymore. He didn't come with a real name, she just let the kids called it whatever name they felt like at the time So we chose the name Goober "cause that's what it looks like he leaves on the floor when he's out of the cage too long!!
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He's adorable, I LOVE bunnies Congrats
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Oh, cute!!!
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You can litter box train them I believe, He's a cuite I Love the bunnies to
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What a beautiful baby!!!! I've always had a soft spot for bunnies!

You should check out C&C cages for bunnies, you can easily and cheaply build them yourself, and they give bunnies, guinea pigs and the likes SO much more room to romp and play!!
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Awww what a beautiful little goober
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I wanna bunny!
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He's very cute!
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amazing colour and funny name
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What a cutie!

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He/she is adorable! And i love the name too. I have five bunnies myself, we got them as babies, a couple days before easter. But now they are pretty big. I have one the same color as you do. Her name is Hopper. Your bunny looks pretty old, as in old enough to sex? Its not hard to do, when I got my bunnies, that was the first time I sexed a bunny, and I got it all right. I actually changed my guess a couple times. But I was right at first... They are a couple internet sites that are really good for helping with that. As for the litter box training. This site here: is really good for information on rabbits. This site is really good for sexing: Good luck with your bunny, its really fun having them. You should consider getting another one. They like friends. But they would have to be neutered.
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Hola Goober y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi Goober and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)
so cute!
See you on the forums!
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What kind of rabbit - he/she has excellant fur - nice and shiny - well cared for.

Not sure if it applies to all breeds, but females usually have an "extra" bit of fur/fat right under their chin/chest. In the picture it looks like a female to me.

I can tell a male/female rabbit if they are not neutered - the males OBVIOUSLY have the extra under their tails
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Thanks everyone! She is a Rex, and she is just so soft! Her fur feels like velvet She has adjusted really well and likes to chase and play around with the kitties She also loves a lot of attention and is always wanting to be held and petted.

Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
What kind of rabbit - he/she has excellant fur - nice and shiny - well cared for.
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what a doll!
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He's sooooooo adorable! I wish I could have one but I'm afraid I'm allergic to them!
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Bunnies are lovely people. Goober is a sweetie.
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What a beautiful little Rex. It looks like a boy from the picture, but you can never really tell until you sex them. They can be sexed at 6-8 weeks old, so he's more than old enough.
He looks almost like my little Foo-Foo. I have one male thats part rex, part mixed breed dwarf, and another (Screech), that's part Rex, part Californian.
The cage does look a little small (can't see the whole thing though, so not sure). You can easily build new ones for cheap, or look in the classified adds for used cages (I got a HUGE one for $50!)
I would get him neutered too (they can be neutered once they get 6 months old). It helps their litterbox habits like CRAZY, gets rid of unwanted dominant behavior, and stops bunny humping (which means chairs, cats, people legs, EVERYTHING)
Also, make sure he gets all the hay he wants(no alfalfa though, it can cause bladder sludge because it has too much calcium) you want timothy, or meadow hay) And make sure his food is pellets only (none of that colorful crap in it. its bad for the rabbits and usually just makes them fat. Not to mention they usually have corn in them, which rabbits can't digest and it can actually kill them)
Sorry for the long post. I used to rescue rabbits, and tend to ramble on...
Oh, and I LOVE the name!!
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