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is it possible ?

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Is it possible tha callie kitty is still carrying live babies inside? the only reason i asked is i was petting her and i thought i felt somthing move~~~ strange~~ she is acting normal she is pooping fine and eating normal, I do not know what i felt but I am sure somthing was moving
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How long ago did she have kittens? You could call your vet and ask...
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I agree, a call to the vet to ask is the way to go. After giving birth, the cat's uterus contracts as it shrinks down to it's normal size, so maybe you felt that.
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oh my how strange , well as the others have mentioned, the vet can advise you on that, also a general check over would be a good thing for her now
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It may be that she had some of the babies prematurely (based on the pictures you gave) and there are some still inside of her. The vet would probably be the best idea.
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If you think she's still pregnant, please get her to your vet ASAP.
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just checking back in on you & Callie - how things, did you get her to the vet for a check up do keep us posted - we've missed you, I know you've had a sad time just lately but we are all thinking of you
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