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I think it's time!

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Missy's been acting odd all day and I knew it was getting close. She's been having a LOT of discharge for about half an hour and is meowing a lot and extremely restless. Poor girl looks confused, not quite sure what's going on... I'd say this is her first litter. She looks like she's having small contractions also... but I'm not positive on that one yet. I'll keep everyone updated but I think it'll be tonight!
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Ohh.. good luck! Drink lots of coffee if you have to roll up with a book.. or a movie whatever u prefer... hopefully it's a smooth and painless birth for your queen.. Lots of Hugs

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Oh i hope she has them tonight so you can relax! I know how it feels....lol
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good luck i do hope all goes well for missy and she has a easy and pain free birth x
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any news????
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