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What is up with Michael Jackson now?

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Just watched the news and watched in horror as Michael Jackson dangled a baby over the balcony of his room! He didn't even have a good hold of the poor thing. Good grief- what in the world was he doing?
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The guy's brain is obviously falling apart as well as his face. I saw it on the news last night, I think he's got a screw loose. It's gone behoynd eccentricity (which is OK by me) to full-blown fruit-cake material.

VERY weird man.
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I still admire his talent and think he is an amzing musician, but it does sound like he's loosing it a bit.. I hope not, but it does sound worrying!
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Maybe, he's confused the baby with the chimpanzee. All that anesthesia, from all of that plastic surgery has,obviously, destroyed what few brain cells, he had left.

Good thing, he has lots of money - the kids will be able to afford all of the therapy that they're going to need!
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I hope people will now recongnize him as the sickening freak that he is! I can't stand him, never could. I guess it's just me, but I have never been able to figure out all this talent that he is supposed to have.
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Well, I don't think that there is any arguing that he is a talented artist. He is an amazing performer, and you can argue that point simply by looking at his record/concert sales over the past 2 decades. He is amazing when it comes to music.

BUT, I think he definitly has a screw loose. He lives in a very unrealistic life style, imagine he can't even go outside w/o body guards and a full enterage ( sp? ). I can't imagine that he could even understand normalcy, considering he's been a star since such a young age, and living in totally different life style all together from "normal" people.
The tape was disturbing indeed.
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TBH I feel those kids should be removed/taken away from him for their own personal safety. Wacko needs serious help, if that little fella had fallen it would have been awful.
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Singer Michael Jackson has admitted making a "terrible mistake" when he dangled his nine-month-old son from a fifth floor hotel balcony.

Stunned fans watched in horror as Jackson, holding the baby with one hand, lifted him over the balcony railing.

The child, who had towel over his head, began to struggle before the singer pulled him clear and went back inside his hotel room.

It happened in Berlin, where Jackson - nicknamed Wacko Jacko - was due to attend an awards ceremony.

Heavy criticism

In a written statement the singer, who has been heavily criticised by child protection groups, said: "I made a terrible mistake.

"I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children."

The child is the singer's third and youngest, Prince Michael II, whose existence was made public in August this year.

Mystery still surrounds the identity of his mother and the question of whether he is adopted.

'Silly thing'

The NSPCC condemned the balcony incident, saying no one should attempt such a stunt.

Jackson has also been criticised by his close friend, psychic Uri Geller.

"I think it was a silly thing to do," he said.

"He probably did it because he was overwhelmed emotionally by the fans."

Nose 'disintegrating'

The incident follows another spate of controversy for the star, who is being sued for $14 million over two cancelled millennium concerts.

At the trial in Santa Barbara last week he was forced to remove his trademark surgical mask to give evidence.

The state of his face caused shock. Many there claimed his nose was "disintegrating".
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He's a freak, plain and simple. It amazes me that he is allowed to keep his children. I wouldn't think that it is a healthy environment for them, but I'm not a case worker. I know he's talented, but I really wonder why so many people are still so enthralled with him. I wouldn't give him the time of day. (Except, of course, I am sitting here talking about him...)

What he did is inexcusable. Thank goodness the child didn't fall. Most people would be up on charges already for dangling a child over a balcony like that.
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That people with tons of money lose all touch with reality? If I ever became rich and famous all I would have to do is spend the day with my kids and would be slammed back into reality so fast my head would spin.
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Wonder if Wacko would melt if we put him near a fire place?

'I'm melting, meeeeeltinnnnnng'
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My s/o says he heard someone talking about him on TV. Whoever it was said that Michael is still a child in his mind, his brain never grew up. When you look at some of the stuff he's done, the fact that he has an amusement park at his house, his tantrums with the chimp, it kind of makes sense. It's very sad.

I am not a fan of his style of music, but I do think he is talented. It is too bad his extreme behavior is what gets him attention these days.
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They just aired an interview with him. He said he was just kidding about holding his son over the top of the 4th balcony railing. Some joke!
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How can you KID about doing something like that. You either do it or you don't - right?

Soooo. Nobody knows who the mother is. There is speculation that the baby is adopted. I bet he didn't have to go through the same rigorous adoption checks as us mere mortals.

If that's the case then money DOES talk, and in the case of children that's bang out of order.
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I found this really disturbing when I saw it. If anyone who wasn't famous decided to dangle their baby over the edge of balcony then they would more than likely have the police / social services checking up on them.

It's disgusting that fame and money grants you such special treatment.

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I don't know about you but I think that before he is let near these kids again he needs parenting classes.

Even though he is very talented he is a sorry human being.
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Big ole FREAK!
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I have always thought Michael Jackson was a pretty talented and maybe misundersood guy...TILL NOW!!!!!!!!!

I had heard briefly something about a "baby" incident, but didn't know what it was when I read this thread....this is the first I had really heard of what had happened...he dangeled his 9 month old baby over a balcony??????????????????? That is PHSYCO!!!! And is allowed to get away with that?????????? As the mother of a 3 month old baby...this apalls me and makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!! NOONE...I don't care HOW famous or misguided you are...has the right to dangel a baby over a balcony!!! That child should be taken away from him and he should be brought up on charges of child endangerment!!!

I know I am out of the loop on all of this...but what is the story about his nose disentegrating??? I hadn't heard about that either. Someone fill me in.
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This might help.

This last pic of Jackson in the doing ?? Well It was the only pic I could find. It looks like evil was across his face.

Everyone says that a picture has a thousand words...This is the only one I saw out of a thousand that did show evil.(media)

I think Mike is a nut but, from the 3 different videos I saw of it I also think he was just not using his head and not thinking of harm.
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I also saw that dangling baby on the news the other night and couldn't believe my eyes. At first, my husband and I thought it must've been a doll or something being that the towel was over the baby's head, but then the baby started moving. We were furious as here we are unable to have children and there are people like this that take it for granted - to such an extreme. Did you all notice how Mr. Jackson was laughing while doing this???? Unbelievable!!!

Guess when you have his money and celebrity - you can get away with just about anything.

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After seeing those pics....I have to say he has lost it, and really needs some help..god help the children in his care.
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According to plastic surgeons, he's had at least FIVE nose jobs. In order to reshape it, cartilage and silicone are implanted. After so many procedures, there is a great deal of scar tissue and nothing supporting the nose.
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He's a wacko, if you ask me. I feel sorry for his kids, especially. Putting a white hood over a baby's face is dumb enough.
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Yeah, seems like a white hood is the last thing that a black person would want to see his kid wearing.
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What was the result of his being accused of abusing children? Was there a settlement? I thought his career would be over, but he certainly is back. I hope he was really innocent if he's being trusted with children now. Perhaps, after this incident, he shouldn't be.
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Just to clarify. Michael has not allowed the child's face to be photographed, nor has he disclosed the woman who is the mother. That is not a hood, it is a white napkin from the hotel. Although putting his baby's life in jeopardy- wacko jacko was at least protecting the child's privacy.....go figure!
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I think MJ is sick, and if he had been any average citizen he would of had his kids taken away from him for that stunt!

What an ill man, he needs to just be kept in an institution for the rest of his life. Heck he should open his own institution for other people with his money, and then admit himself.
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Hmm I think a few comments here a bit harsh - perfectly understandable, but a bit harsh nonetheless.... I know he looks weird now... in that pic just posted he looks awful, and I know it was totally wrong of him to "dangle" his child over the balcony, crazy even. But I think the same as Bill (WOEll,) he made a huge mistake, but he wasn't thinking of harming his child... and as Hissy pointed out, he was even in one way trying to protect his child... he doesn't want his childs life affected by fame the way his has been, and I can totally understand that - privacy constantly invaded, nothing is secret/sacred, dirty laundry in the press for everyone to see, rumours etc etc etc.
As for him being insane, I don't think so, unbalanced, maybe, unusual and eccentric - definately, but actually crazy? I think he has had a very "eventful" life - in good ways AND bad, and none of us can really know what he has been through or the reasons for him doing so many things that appear "crazy" to us... we only get to know what the press wants us to know, after all, what would the "fun" be in writing articles about "Jacko takes his kids shopping and buys stuff, then goes home and plays Hide and Seek with them"??

There are many many people who make stupid mistakes all the time, even with their children, its just MJ is in the limelight constantly, not that that excuses him, just trying to add some perspective.

Anyway, enough from me!! :laughing: I think he needs some kind of help, but for all we know, maybe he is already getting it - problems aren't resloved overnight.
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