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The nervousness is setting in

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Ok guys, I held out long enough! I am sooo nervous! I did get my brochure down and all I got left to do is my note cards which I haven't decided if I should read from the brochure or from cards O my, I am soo nervous! WHat if its too short, or too long Why can't I just sleep thru it I am just freaking out soooo MUCH right now, can u imagine me tomarrow morning I have a feeling I am not going to get much sleep
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Its going to be ok. If you are finished with the work put it away and relax a bit and remember NO CUSSING!!
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You will do so well! I can just feel it Sending lots of confidence vibes to you

Try to get some sleep so you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. Oh and remember to eat a little bit of breakfast to get your brain jump started. I want to hear all about how awesome you were when you finish tomorrow
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You will do fine. I would always practice, practice, practice. Especially, in the room it is going to be in. That way I know I've done it before, but without the audience. You will do fine! I would use whichever is going to help you out more. But try not to READ word for word.
Good Luck and make sure to get some sleep!
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o my...problem my mom missed it, my SIL missed it, I missed it, and my eldest brother missed it, but my dad caught it! On the one section of the brochure the words are cut off And I don't have publisher here so I am going to have to write it in and I hope they don't take points off for it! Its really hard to do somethting with 3 kids bugging u the whole time

This is why I am sooo stressed lol! Things are already going wrong

Please send me some good presentation vibes

But thanx for the encouraging words everyone! I will be sure to tell everyone how bad it went
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You will do GREAT...just picture everyone in their underwear Seriously though...many calming good luck vibes headed your way...let us know
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~~~~~~ Good presentation vibes ~~~~~~
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you'll do fine hun - you've got a whole bunch of people who have faith in you! Good luck!!
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thanx everyone Well I have my note cards ready, which there is a lot but that wasnt required I think it would be better for me to read from that and not from the brochure which is too small All I got to do now is find my high heels and I am ready to go, well after some sleep and well cigs, THIS ISNT HELPING ME CUT BACK But I am going to try to get some sleep, I gotta get up at 9 am...my presentation is at 11! SO keep sending those vibes I am sooo NERVOUS
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