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Happy story for the day!

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This is the story of Ballerina

She came into the shelter LAST summer at about 7 months old with a litter of kittens. She was a really good mum, and such a sweetheart. Her kittens were all adopted out, but as seemed to be the story of the season, poor Ballerina kept getting overlooked.

She eventually found a home in January this year, but was returned within days because she was SO affectionate that she was tripping up the elderly gentlemen who adopted her, and caused him to fall. He didn’t hurt himself, but he was too scared to keep her.

So back she came, and waited and waited. She finally found another home last month, and we were so pleased – they seemed like wonderful people! But then, a few days later… they came back with her in a box The people at the shelter spoke to her, and they said she was just so scared, and wouldn’t come out of hiding and they felt like horrible kitty parents, and she obviously didn’t like their home. They were quite upset about having failed her.

They seemed like really nice, reasonable people, so the staff sat down with them and asked a few questions, and it turned out that Ballerina was showing signs of affection toward them, but was just a bit freaked out, so they convinced the couple that Ballerina has just been through a lot in the last year, and just needed time to settle in, and showing signs of affection was VERY positive, but she needed lots of reassurance.

So they took her home, and we haven’t from them since until today They sent a letter to the shelter to say they had felt like failures bringing her back, and thanking the staff for reassuring them that they were doing the right thing, and encouraging them.

They said “Ballerina is absolutely PURRfect and completes our family. We, ALL of us, are so happy, and grateful to you allâ€.

That sort of thing makes it all worthwhile
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Oh that's a beautiful story Sarah...She's beautiful
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Oh, good work helping those people understand and work with her! And what a beautiful girl she is!
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What a great story with a great ending...
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I love stories like that - we get a lot of them in the shelter I work in too. But I'll say this, we are very very careful about where we adopt out our cats. Our customers have to go through what equates to the Spanish Inquisition so that we can be certain that a cat will be going to the right environment. If someone walks in and says "I want a black one" we ask them to leave. We do not sell cats to people based on the colour. We let people in and then allow the cats to come onto the floor so we can assess which ones have the best connection

Even then, we still have a few cats come back - and although we obviously love to see familiar faces, we hate to see them come back because we know they have to wait all over again.

Congratulations to Ballerina - I hope you never see her again!
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