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So I went to the fishies store today, since my aquarium finally was ready.

I ended up after much debate getting neon tetras. They had no white clouds, and those were the only other ones I could remember someone recommending, but I am happy, they seem happy. I got five (for some reason you are supposed to have odd numbers?)

I also got some plants, one kind called white ribbon that looks to me like hosta and another kind called kyoto that looks like green ribbons. And some frozen bloodworm which is the most disgusting thing I've ever boughten. Other food, a net, the big bottles of the water conditioner and biofilter goo, and a test kit that does nitrites, nitrates, pH, and ammonia. The pH is 7ish. And a thermometer. Did I forget anything?

Here is Zissou discovering the fact that there are in fact shiny moving things in there.

The plants. Trying to get the fish but they aren't a huge fan of light (they are in a pretty dim area) And who is that I see peeking through there!

Oh, and don't worry, the water is NOT that cloudy if at all. Something about cameraphones.