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Cat litter use after neutering

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Hello to all.

My 10 month old male "Munchkin" just got neutered two days ago. I did what the vet told me and put shredded newspaper in his litter box. He's had no problem urinating but I cannot stand the fact that the urine odor is sooo strong since there's no regular litter in the box. Is there any brand name litter that I can use instead of the newspaper or should I just stick with it for now?

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Hmm. Is he wearing a cone collar or anything? If not, I would say that your regular litter would be fine. I've always let them use the regular litter. As long as he's able to clean himself, it should be fine.
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I'm not sure why you would need to use shredded newspaper..
Cats do not sit down in the litter they hover/squat above it. Are you sure your vet didn't say this because some do declawing and neuters at the same time, and maybe saying to use shredded newspaper is just habit?

I've always normal litter after a neutering, no problems.
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I agree that your normal litter should be fine. My vet never told me to use anything other than normal litter and all my boys were fine after neutering.
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I was never told to use anything different than normal litter. The norm is for the incision to be closed with glue which is dry by the time you bring your cat home, and the incision is sealed and sterile, so there shouldn't be a problem using your normal litter. We use clay litter mostly, and it didn't cause any problems at all when Radar was neutered.
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Actually I've checked the incision site and it looks fine. The sutures are the dissolvable kind. I have an older cat and I don't recall being told to use shredded paper of any kind when he was neutered. I was also given pain medication but he seems to be fine. He's eating and playing around as if nothing happened. I was also told to keep him away from the older cat for 14 days!!! So I'm confused now!!
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There are sutures? Was this a straightforward neuter? Never experienced that, so aftercare may be different. Radar had a tiny incision for his neuter that was glued shut and had completely healed up within a day or two. He had stitches in his abdomen at the same time for his hernia repair but that's a different story altogether and not relevant other than we had to be careful not to stretch the incision for 10 days afterwards so as not to rip the edges of the incision out of the sutures - but that wasn't his neuter site, that healed fine in just a couple of days and no special care was required.
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If your other cats are unspayed females I can see why they said that about the 14 days.

As for the litter when I had our boy done there was no special instructions on litter. We just used are regular litter.

I am slightly confused on the suture part. Was this a straight forward neuter? Or was anything else done to the area? Was both testicles down or was one or both decended?
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Wow, 14 days. Like Epona said, was it a straightforward neuter, or did they have to remove an undescended testicle from his abdomen or something?

I'm glad he's eating and playing like normal.
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Actually you couldn't miss those two "walnuts" hanging back there. As far as I know, it was a straight neuter that was being done. Nothing was out of the ordinary from what the vet saw when she checked during him his pre-surgery check up. I'll keep using the paper for the rest of the week and then just switch over to his regular litter.

Thx to everyone who's replied
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Cool, if you have to use the paper because he has sutures at least you know it's not forever, even if it smells bad now! Sonic is 6 months and going to be neutered in a couple of weeks and his pee reeks so bad I feel like I need some sort of nose plugs just to exist in our flat but at least you and I both know it is only temporary.

If you sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on the bottom of the tray it should help with the odour a little bit, you're still going to smell it but hopefully it will knock the eyewatering edge off the smell
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LOL @ the "walnuts". I always call them "coconuts"...a little overstated, but funny nonetheless.
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I have a munchkin aswell great cats they are.When mine was neutered the vet did not tell me to change his litter and we did not and he was fine thats all i have to offer.
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