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I am new to this forum and I am new to kittymummyhood!
Well when I say I am new I mean this is only a second litter and previously it was when I was 12 years old so really did not pay much attention.

My cat Tinkerbell is a pear on legs!

I thought that our local tom did the deed on the 10th of April as this is when we saw the event occur but by my calculations she should not be as bg as she is.

Is it possible for a cat to come into heat after she has been caught previously?

I also do not know what she asking for she is puffing through her nose, crying and everytime I go to stroke her along her back when I reach her tail end she growls and looks at me like a nasty kitty!
She has gone from eating non stop to only eating the kitten munchies and nothing else.

I mean she has never really be the most affectionate cat she is the sort that gives affection on her terms and will not let you pick her up.

I really do not know what is going on with her can anyone please help and tell me if this is normal behaviour in a pear shaped cat.
I really do not know when these kittens are
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Hi Vicky, welcome to TCS.

A cat doesn't need to be in heat for a tomcat to find her 'attractive'. Once she has mated once, she will often mate another few times. I'm guessing that the one time you saw the deed was probably one of the last times, rather than the first, so the date you're calculating from won't be any good.

With the behaviour you describe, it sounds like she may be very close to delivering.

The signs of impending labor are:

*Her vulva will swell a little and turn pink around 2-3 days before.

* She may either want you to not leave her side even for a minute or not want to be near you at all.

*She will become restless, may go off her food and scratch at things, as if she is trying to make a nest. Provide several nesting places for her so she can choose one she likes when the time comes. If she chooses an awkward spot such as behind the sofa or in a cupboard, don't try to move her and the kittens, just make the area comfortable (clear out the cupboard and put towels or blankets down) and make it safe for the kittens by using rolled blankets around the nesting area to stop the kittens falling, wandering off or getting 'lost'.

*About 12-24 hours before the birth, she will lose her mucous plug. This is a clump of clear or pinkish mucous that blocked the birth canal.

*You will notice a clear, pinkish or slightly blood-stained discharge from her vagina. If the discharge is greenish or brown, she may have an infection or a kitten that has died in-utero and she needs to see a vet ASAP.

*She may develop diarrhoea about 12 hours before the birth.
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Does she have somewhere warm and quiet to deliver the kittens? Prepare a low, larger box, also a cardboard box put on it's side and one of the flaps taped up, so the kittens can't wander and even a cat travel cage left open and draped with a towel or sheet. All with a soft clean towel or blanket inside.

You need to keep her inside-only from now on so that she doesn't deliver the kittens somewhere outside. She can mate and become pregnant again as soon as a week after giving birth, so please keep her inside while she is nursing her kittens. You can have her spayed once the kittens reach 8 weeks old and the kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they are 10-12 weeks old.
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Thank you for your replies.

rest assured I know a bit about birth having had 4 kids myself.
I have towel lined boxes in every room and she does go into the and the kids are under strict instructions not to go near her when she is in the boxes so she knows she will be left alone.

When I said that date the 10th was mainly because Tinkerbell was walking round with her butt in the air cooing like she does when in heat but that might have been Jet(tom) fault as he visited two other females that night, namely my neighbours one of which has 3 neutered toms, which might have confused tink and him he even ventured into my bedroom which is a deathwish in itself as the dog was asleep the other side of the bed and the only cat she likes is tink.

As for Tink going out she rarely does that - I know she has only ever been out of the garden to nip into my neighbours garden which she uses as a litter tray Hee hee horrible lady lives there anyways - and with the dog who chases every other cat I am suprised she got caught - which was in my garden and they fell off the fence!

Seriously though I did check her rear end avoiding the swiping paws and its normal nothing there but I will keep an eye on her and update.
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Hello and welcome to the site - theres lots of experienced members here, so jump right in with any questions I hope you've had a chance to look around at the other forums, its great fun here, with lots to learn, see and do

Kumbulu has already given you excellent advise - so I'll just send my best wishes for a smooth & healthy birth

Keep us posted !
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Thank you for you advice and welcome!

I had a kit called pepsi and another called cokey - so that is a cool name
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Thank You for the Strawberry

Well no kitts yet!!!!

Still Fat cat

Always wanting me to massage her belly - which my hand would never normally survive and still making growly and mumbly noises which I have put down to kitts moving because when I feel her belly I can feel a paw or something poking out so once pressed it soon moves and she is happier.

Here is Tink before fat phase

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Originally Posted by ViCkY03 View Post
Thank You for the Strawberry

Well no kitts yet!!!!

Still Fat cat

Always wanting me to massage her belly - which my hand would never normally survive and still making growly and mumbly noises which I have put down to kitts moving because when I feel her belly I can feel a paw or something poking out so once pressed it soon moves and she is happier.

Here is Tink before fat phase

your welcome
shes a beautiful cat , glad everything seems to be fine.
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Well I now have an even fatter kit but still no babies!

She looks like she has a melon in her stomach so I have not got a clue as to how many kits are in there although her belly does tend to ripple most of the time - any ideas on this would be appreciated please!

I check her boobies everyday in the hope that it will be the day because I swear she will go bang soon.

I have my new rubber gloves up by my bed and got in extra towels - just in case I hasten to add.

I am thinking of videoing the birth what do you think?

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Hi again
well it is Saturday and Tinky is very restless she even went for me when I stroked her back and belly!

no other signs - although saying that she has what looks like a red cotton thread protruding from her rear end - I do not know what that means can anyone enlighten me please?

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I hope it isn't an umbilical cord! Maybe she is beginning to pass the mucus plug,tho I've never seen or heard it described as a thread! Just keep an eye on her and if you don't see any other signs,contact your vet.
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I think it is too small to be an umbilical cord it really is just like a thread or hair - but I will keep an eye on her thanks x

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a worm? has she been dewormed lately?
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Nooooo it is no way a worm!

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She is probably close. Remember the old saying of "a watched pot never boils". I am guilty of this, as well. I watch my cats like a hawk and they look at me like I am crazy. Usually, I give up at some point, and THAT is when they hop up on my lap and start delivering. Yes, on my lap. Peterbalds are known to want to be next to their owner when delivering. I had one that went 4 days over due because I was out of town. I had someone stay with them, of course. I walked in the house at day 68, sat down, and she litterally jumped into my lap and started having contractions. It was like she was saying "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Didn't you KNOW that it was time for me to deliver?"

I carry around a towel to put in my lap when it is birthing time. This is so opposite from most other breeds. My Bengal finds a quiet place to have them by herself.
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Aww bless

I have no chance of her doin that - I was watching cats giving birth on your tube thingy and there was one whos cat was called Lola - well I cannot say alot about it but suffice to say the woman needs a slap it was under still birth!

I was just looking up what to expect

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Ask any questions, Vicky. I will try to help you through it. Most of the time it goes without a problem.

These are the supplies I would have on hand:
A big roll of paper towels
Clean bedding
A trash bag
Blunt scissers (this is in case the Mom doesn't cut the cord)
Plenty of sleep before the event (for you )

Make sure she has a place to have them. Some cats will choose a very bad place. I had a Bengal that chose on top of a 5' dresser behind some pictures. Thank goodness I was there to move her.

This is my ideal birthing boxes - a rubbermade storage container (they are very cheap at WalMart). Cut a door out in the front. This is easy to clean, private for the Mom, and you can check on things easily by opening the top. You can place it in a place where she will find it. Put a bed in it. A towel works pretty well, so the Mom can arrange it like she wants it.
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Thank you

I have a cardboard box in my room and a big plastic box under my sons cabin bed which is a place she likes to sleep.

Have scissors, cotton, gloves, towels, loads of paper everything ready and waiting!

will give updates on here after seeing some of the videos on that site I have changed my mind about videoing it - I think it is tinks private moment!
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Can't wait to hear the updates.
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Any news today?
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Nope no news yet although I did have a quail hatch out!
Three more are hatching as I type

Thats a pound coin!
This little thing should keep me going until Tink finally decides her time is here.
She is very clingy now though bless her and has not been out for two days.

fingers crossed my partner and I think it will be this week.

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I would like to introduce the happy couple

Meet the expectant father Jet

and this is my little pear

Fat Tink

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Well it is Saturday night and still NOTHING!!!!!

She looks like she is going to go bang!


P.S. Thank you for the paws!
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Any news yet? She sure is keeping us waiting isn't she?
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No News Yet !!!!

She finds it hard now to climb the stairs and prefers the cool floor - Bless her.

The kitts are non stop wiggle

Here is the girl taking it easy and trying to clean her belly.

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Aww, poor girl. I hope she delivers soon!
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OOh poor thing, she does look like she is going to "pop" as it were. All of us over here hope for a happy and healty birth!
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Poor little thing! She looks about to burst!! Sending lots of belly scratches for the itchy tummy.. and lots of deliver soon vibes!
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I am not sure if this is a sign or not but she is keeping her rear end and back legs clean ALOT!

but from my calculations she is 59 or over days! It depends as I know she did the naughty on the 10th April I saw her however I also know Jet (father) was in the garden 3 days prior - so could he have got her previously and they just carried on? In which case she will be 62 days gone!

Ah well I will just carry on waiting and watching!
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I am not allowed to move and am sitting under the computer desk typing with one hand as she doesnt want me to take my hand off her!!

Is this it!?!?

Tinkerbell is in her box, pulling up the blanket

Will let you know! Please any last minute advice would be welcome!

can you see the contractions??
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