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Need to stay motivated!

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The deal is... John and I currently are living with his parents and grandparents. It's a big farm, and a big house, and we're here to help out whenever needed. Well, early this year we all just moved into this new house (we lived in campers for 4 months). The first floor is finished but the second floor, where our bedroom will be, isn't finished yet. So until it's finished later this year, we're living in the basement. It's a BIG basement, and we built ourselves a 12x12 bedroom (would have been bigger but we ran out of wood and plastic ). Half of the stuff from the other house and his grandparents previous house got thrown down here in the basement... so we've just got piles and piles of stuff that can't get thrown away and has to stay down here. That's fine. But with no yard and construction still being done, the dust that accumulates down here is horrible. It doesn't help that no one swept the basement floor when it was finished before throwing all this stuff down here.
I'm tired of all the dust and the mess... it has to be unhealthy sleeping in all this dust. Now our bedroom is clean as can be... we don't have carpets so I keep the concrete floor swept/mopped every day, keep everything dusted and wiped down, blankets washed every other day, etc. Our bedroom is immaculate. But I'd like the rest of the basement to be clean as well.. at least everything stacked neatly against the walls to where I can get to the floor to keep the dust down.
But my problem is, I can't stay motivated to get it done! John is gone this evening helping a guy cut up a junk school bus... so I figured I'd take this time to get stuff done. I'm armed with dust masks, and my broom to start with. I swept one corner and started moving the stuff that's just outside of our bedroom and stacking it against the far wall. But it's just not FUN! I know it needs to be done, it really really really needs to be done. I just have no motivation to get it done.
Any ideas to help get this project done easier? And any cleaning tips will be helpful as well!
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Put on a Steely Dan album... or if you have the problem I have, where great music makes you do more dancing than cleaning, go rent a book on tape to listen to! It's great fun, and it keeps your mind occupied while your body is busy working...
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What I do is set the timer on the stove to say 45 minutes-then just get going full tilt for that 45 minutes-you will be amazed how much you can get done plus most times with me the timer goes off and I still stay on task for a bit longer!!
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Thanks for the great ideas! I managed to get the worst of it done last night and today. Another one-two days of working on it for a couple hours and the whole basement will be done! yay!
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