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Cat's Awkwardly Hanging Tail...

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Our cat, Princess, is a lilac point siamese and is 9 years old. Recently, we noticed that her tail is hanging awkwardly downward as opposed to straight upwards, the way she used to carry it. She seems to have mobility in her tail and can put it up sometimes (but rarely does now). Previously, her tail always used to be constantly moving and, now, it is mostly stationary. She also seems less energetic that she used to be but she is still interested in playing with us and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of distress. After examining her tail, there seems to be no irregularities or sensitivities, just less movement. We didn't notice a change her appetite (although we are not absolutely sure on this) and she also seems to be digesting normally. We would like to know if there is there anything that should be done or, perhaps, what might be the problem? Thank you for your help in advance.
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I'd have the vet give her a thorough check up - too many "changes" to be waiting around. Its possible she could have sprained the tail, or it was broke and healed.

You might need a x-ray. My rex sprained his tail at the base. They x-ray to be sure no broken bones and then wrapped the tail up for about a week.
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I agree with GoldenKitty45...I would call the vet.
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Don't worry yet. That happened to my cat. He has the most beautiful, thick, upright tail. One day, he walks into the house with it dragging behind him. No movement whatsoever. I rushed him to the vet and the doc said that if it doesn't get better, they'd have to amputate because it's more of a problem if they can't move it. I was devistated. I'd always watch his tail move at the bottom of the bed and beyond the table and it made me laugh. Thankfully, in a few days, he started to move it again. The vet said he must have gotten into a fight with a squirrel or another cat and they bit his nerve.

If you have some movement there, I'll bet the cat will be OK. Not sure, but it does sound promising. Mine had NONE. Best of luck and keep us updated.
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Since she's 9 years old, when was the last time she had a senior panel?
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I would definatley get her into the vet for a senior panel, the full work up. There are a lot of changes with her right now it seems and I would rathar go to the vet prematurely than let something life-threatening go on any longer. If you take her in and get her a check-up, she'll feel better and you will too!

Welcome to TCS by the way!
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