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In Case Of Emergency

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Dear All

I'm forwarding this because I think it's a great idea. That and I love you all to bits, so the more I can do to keep you all in one piece, the better

Basically this message translates as:

Some of Copenhagen's paramedics have come up with a good idea.

Nearly all of the seriously injured people they meet, have a mobile telephone on them. But nobody knows who in the phonebook list are close family.

They would like to try and spread this idea worldwide (and this is something you can be a part of, just like me).

You should make an entry in your phonebook as "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) and under this name should be the person/persons that should be contacted.

If there are more than just one person, enter them as ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc, etc.

It is a simple cause and it is free - and can make all the difference when it really matters.

P.S. Please help to send this further, both in and out of your country. The further this message goes, the bigger the difference we can make.

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that's a good idea. I work at a Trauma center and that would be useful.

It would also be good if ppl knew the phone #s of their relatives.
Often a cell phone does not make it with the pt into the hospital...and many many patients dont know the phone #s - because they are stored in the phone only.
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I've had that on John's number & my mom's number for a long time, I've always thought it was a good idea too
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Thats a great idea! Thanks for the heads up!!
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I aready have this in my phone...I work in a hospital and we look to see if people have it in their phones all of the time...
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DH and I have put that in our cells. I have mine as Ice1 Husband and Ice2 Mom, etc. That way they know who they are contacting exactly.
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Great idea! Thanks for taking care of us, mom!
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I also think that's a great idea. Putting "Husband" or the relationship of the people to you is also helpful. It's frustrating calling people when you aren't sure of the relationship. One time I ended up getting the girlfriend of a friend of the patient- obviously she isn't the first choice for a contact! I just have "husband", "mom", "grandpa" etc in my phone book.
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I always carry a card with contact details for my next of kin and expressing my wish to be an organ/tissue donor, should anything happen to me. But it certainly can't hurt having those contacts easily identifiable in my mobile phone contact list also. Good idea.
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I've already got numbers listed in my phone like that.
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