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Important Need Help

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WE FOUND A KITTEN, It was rejected by his mother, we took it in without knowing that the kitten had been bitten by his mother...

the thing is when we learned the about the bite we though it might have gone away

we got kitten feed formula and have been taking care of it, but today a pus pocket exploded it was where the mother had bitten it, he doesnt seem to be bothered by it

but we wan to know if it is treatable at home or do we really need vet help??

also we had estimulated it to "poop" he had done it, but neither did he doi that today, hes been eating well and sleeping good, our main cooncern is his pus pocket.

any help will be appreciated
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Hi and welcome to TCS.

This little kitten needs to see a vet ASAP. The wound will need to be cleaned and he will need some antibiotics. Although he's not showing any signs of being affected by the wound, it will be painful for him.
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Thank you are you from the NJ area?
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Also, once you've taken him to the vet, please visit to get hints and tips on looking after the kitten. It's fine if they don't poop every day - they can go for up to 3-4 days and still be fine.
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I'm in Perth, Western Australia.
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This thread really belongs in our Pregnant Cats & Kitten Care forum. I will ask a Mod to move it for you.
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Thanks again im new here
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Welcome again. If you have any more questions or comments, go for it. We are a friendly bunch here at TCS and there's lots of knowledgeable people to help you out.
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Hi and welcome to TCS, sounds like you have been doing a great job so far with your little one
sounds like he might have had an abcess where a wound has got a bit infected, like kumlulu has already suggested he will need to see a vet for it to beb cleaned and a course of antibiotics will be given. the infection can get nasty if its not treated soon. let us know how things go
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The infection is under control

but know were haviuing problems with making him poop
any advice on this?
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Use a cotton ball dipped in warm water and rub it gently over the belly, butt, genitals to stimulate the baby. They don't poop everyday, but they should pee several times. I usually place them over a paperplate with a folded paper towel on top of it. The best times to stimulate are right after they wake up and after they have eaten. Many kittens will roll on their back to get you to rub their tummies and that's a pretty good sign that they need to go.

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