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good news for more no-kill shelters in AZ!

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http://www.azcentral.com/news/articl...ters19-ON.html These are stories that I like to read about. If I would win the powerball, I would give money to these shelters and even build one similar to the one in Utah.
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That's wonderful. Thanks for giving us the link to this great article.
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That is great. It's always nice to see that some people are giving more dogs and cats a chance.

On a similar note, they did a news show on the Humane Society on Monday on our local news, and how many abused animals are seeking good homes. They showed this adorable border collie who was absolutely petrified when the lady was trying to groom him. His previous owner beat him with a brush. They said that it would take a lot of love and patience to rebuild that trust (We hear that enough around here, don't we?).

Last night they reported that Skip had a great new home, with a big back yard to run in and two other BCs to play with. They said they got literally hundreds of calls about him. I just hope that all or most of those people were still willing to open their hearts to another animal that needed a home.
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Yeah well said

In the UK there's a TV show called Pet Rescue, dunno if it's still on though. Anyway, every night they would show a cat/dog that needed a new home. The amount of cals that came in were staggering. Now why can't those people who get turned down for that animal off the TV go out and adopt one from a shelter? Sometimes there were 10,000 calls for one dog or cat, but I bet you only half of that lot went out the follwing day and got a cat/dog from a shelter.
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It's so great to hear good news about strays. So many adult animals are put to sleep. Now more have a chance! Thank God some wealthy people care. Now, let's hope more private citizens and municipalities follow suit. Tigger, you have a good heart. It would be wonderful to make a huge contribution like that, wouldn't it? Of course, every single dollar helps.
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