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The Heat is on

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It is so dang hot here already what is summer going to be like, Its going to be 94 today, Monday & Tuesday it was 96
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Its getting warm here too.... 80s today... and closer to 90s tomorrow!
I REALLY don't want to turn the AC on yet... its too early!!
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Holy Cow! It's in the high 80s here and I thought that was hot! OUr electricity bills are going to be outragous!
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I hear ya!! It has been really hot around here too...I cant even begin to imagine what summers going to feel lilke!
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so much for the summer sun over here! It's been raining since about half 1 this afternoon and it hasn't stopped!

where's the sun?
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Quit braggin Lois
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It was hot over here for a few days.. but then the weather got all rainy and blah. It's starting to get sunny again, so I have a feeling the high temperatures will be back soon too.
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It's not the heat....it's the humidity!!

I am seriously not looking forward to the bus ride home!
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Its not too bad today-just had a brief shower-tomorrow its supposed to be 82F!!
Guess we better get looking for estimates for A/C this year-we had a few days that we were toasty last summer.
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