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I'm so proud!!!

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It's funny how proud you feel when your bottle babies start peeing and pooping on their own! They're all doing so well, eating wet food (Iams), but still taking the bottle, especially their first morning feed as that's what they seem to want.
I feel so much like a momma! They're climbing and walking so well now.
I'm afraid their stay will be cut short though. DH is not happy with their presence and told me as soon as they are weaned they need to find new homes. They're only 4 weeks right now, so I hope to keep them AT LEAST another 2 weeks or until they're totally off the bottle. I know it's early, but I've been on thin ice just having them.
Still, they're all so awesome. I'm going to miss them. They've definitely kept my mind off of things since they've been here, and I'm going to be lost when they're gone.
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Oh please figure out how to keep them around till 10 weeks - at 6 weeks its way too soon for them to leave. They will have more behavior/social problems if you separate mom and siblings.

Confine them to one room of the house, beg, plead, bribe your DH to do the right thing and keep them longer then 6 weeks!

In the meantime you CAN search for homes and have them lined up so that when they are 10 weeks old, you can hand them over to the new family Maybe that will be ok with DH - knowing they have homes lined up ahead of time.
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If they are healthy, toilet trained and eating and drinking well, bottle babies are fine to go at 8 weeks. For kittens with a mumcat, we always recommend 10-12 weeks.
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I disagree, the extra 2 weeks will make a big difference mentally for the kittens - they still need to play with each other. As long as she has homes lined up, I don't see that much of a problem. I'd be willing to talk to her husband and tell him why is so important for them to stay longer
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or if them staying there is not an option , please try and make it so they go in pairs
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aww I do hope you can keep them longer

Does your DH know or notice much about kittens maybe you could just let the need for them to stay draw out a little longer - if you know what I mean
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I understand everyone's thoughts, but my hands are tied. Talking to my husband is of no use right now.
I am being selective as to who they will go to, people who have the time and energy to invest, and not just kick it outside if it causes problems. I'm not going to just put a sign at the corner and hand them out like halloween candy.
I have been very fortunate to be able to even take care of these guys. If it had not been for me they would have gone to the pound and been put down. I've given them the chance at life.
I am going to try and keep them as long as I can, but I know I will not be able to keep them another 6 weeks. Please do not judge me for that, as I am doing the best I can.
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Most of the time, I get very down about having no-one in this world close to me. I am so glad though, that it also means I don't have to answer to family/partner when it comes to the kittens.

mlopus, we know you are doing the best you can for these babies.
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Well then if he's really that stubborn, I would try to adopt 2 at a time so they will be better with a sibling rather then all by themselves.

What is his objections to not keeping them till 8-10 weeks.
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