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For all those Reilly lovers!

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I've been away from home for almost 3 weeks and was away from Reilly & I spent the morning taking pictures

I missed you meowmy!

Being silly again

and of course I had to take a pic or 2 of Sydney boo!!

She is the queen of attitude!! I only risked my life long enough to take 2 pictures

Ok...I'll try and look a little happier
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They are both just as gorgeous as ever!
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Reilly is just gorgeous!

And Sydney really doesn't look happy in the first photo! She's getting so big and beautiful!
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I am sure that they really missed you missed them. Those are great pics of both, but especially Reilly...I just love the blue/green stunning.
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Reilly is SOOOO Handsome!!!!

at Sydney....she's such a diva!
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Tracy, as usual that beautiful boy is just breathtaking Sydney is beautiful too, her ears in that first pic are so funny
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aww, such adorable kits give them some special tummy rubs from us
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Beautiful! Love Sydney's attitude and the comforter she is lying on.
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As always, beautiful photographs!!
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Reilly has the most beautiful eyes. They are both gorgeous!!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
Pixel says thanks!
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they are both too adorable!!!!!!
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They are looking like the spoiled royalty they are! Mind you, The Queen of Cattitude does look kinda mad!!
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What good pictures!!!! You are so good at getting their personalities!!!! Beautiful cats!
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