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Poop in fur...how do I get it out???

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Tonight Tiki, my LONG haired Himmie, ended up pooping on her tail and now I don't know how to get it out of her fur. I tried taking a tissue to it, but it just smeared more into the fur. She just looks terrible and she's trying to clean her tail, but it's not working. I thought I'd ask the experts on this...none of my other kitties have ever pooped on their tail. I thought about letting it dry completely and then take a brush or comb to it...Any suggestions? Thankx!
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When my kitties do this the best way is to wash it out. If it is just a small area use a wet washcloth and rinse it (washcloth) frequently.
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One word, bath.......

Then I would take a pair of scissors and trim the fur around the base of the tail and her rump. I do this with my longhairs and they are much better for it.
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I finally had to cut out the big glob and used a washcloth to the parts that I didn't cut. It wasn't an easy task to say the least...she was quite pissed at me for it! I trimmed her fur around her bum, so hopefully we won't have this problem for a while.
Thanks once again,
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My cat now has poop in his fur around his bum and I am thinking BATH TIME! But the problem is I am worried about giving him a bath in this weather, I dont want him to catch a cold or anything (yes I am overprotective LOL) and how do I get him to dry faster - he is afraid of the hairdryer and he is a long haired cat.
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Hissy always recommends having clothes dryer warmed towels handy when giving a cat a bath. Perhaps this will prevent your furbaby from getting cold?

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Just gave the cat a bath, with cat shampoo, as well as being clean, he smells rather nice too LOL.
Hes not too happy with me at the moment, hes not a big fan of baths, but he has to get clean LOL. Can't have him walking around with poop balls on his bum!

Kellye (c:
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Ed hates to clean his rear and almost always has something clumped around there. Do some cats just have a strong dislike of grooming this area (not that I can blame him -- I'm glad I don't have to lick myself clean.) We use wipes to keep him clean. He used to hate it, but has learned to tolerate it.
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LOL, I seem to have to do this all too ften. I've done the baths, but most the time I'll go with a wet paper towel and some gloves. I try to get out what I can first without hurting them. And then go from there. Sometimes if it's a big project and I don't have time to stop everything and run the bath, I just clip it off

We have butt inspections here all time. *sniff sniff* Ok, which one of you is that!
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