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When is it safe

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When is it safe to move the mumma cat and her babies downstairs so that when its time to wean them onto food and to start learning the litter box as i dont really wanna be doing that in my bedroom it will be far easier to have them downstairs and for them to learn to be human friendly around my family they are at the moment 18days old and im counting down the days to introduce them all to family life x
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At 18 days, they are still too young for that. I'd recommend you wait until they are at least 4 weeks old. Once you do move them, you will still need to make sure they are confined in a small area, as children can (and have) accidentally stepped on kittens and that way, the kittens are safely away from the hustle and bustle of household life. You also need to make sure that mumcat is happy with the location of the nest, otherwise you'll find that she moves the kittens into an area difficult to get to.
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We did this when they were 3 weeks old as they were climbing out of the bedroom cupboard that was their nest and we thought it was unsafe if then Pixie - the mum cat got unsettled and moved them onto the bed - which is very high and they wondered off the end!

We made a bigger nest/area for them in the living room and surrounded it with the side of our sofa and a couple of foot stalls, when we went to move them we made sure pixie was out the room and gathered the kits in a box and took them straight into their new area, then let pixie in, but kept the living room door shut. We really thought she was going to try and move them but she didn't! She settled down with them straightaway and is very happy there! A week later they had found out they could climb out but it's fine and at least a lot safer, now at just over 5 weeks old they come out and play they tend you still go back to the nest to sleep and feed, although not so often, off mum.

Good luck, but I recommend 3/4 weeks.
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thank-you so much i will wait for another 2weeks before i do move them x
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