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5 month cat ...over eating?

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My 5 month female kitten hasnt been well. Few days back she vommitted early morning then had diarhorea very soon after. She slept for a while after and then was back to normal. Has been few days now and shes been fine then again it happened today. We've assumed its over eating as we have 2 other adult cats and it tends to eat what they leave. However most sites keep telling me kittens dont tend to over eat. If anyone has any suggestions or tips, I'd be very grateful.
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I'm not a doc, but my cat used to do that. I noticed he was allergic to wheat gluten which is in most pet foods. My naturopathic vet told me no animals should ever be eating wheat gluten. They never hunted for it, and they shouldn't be eating it now. It's a cheap protein filler. My cat was fine after stopping the gluten. It also stopped the hairballs to a marked degree. It's the same with people, when they're not getting enough nutrition from eating junk food, they overeat because they are always hungry.
It's worth a try. Any of the 'flake or chunk' food has gluten in it. I was told this long before this poison scare. It could be other allergies, too. Did you buy something new for the house?

It could be a territorial thing. Eating out of the other cats bowls may give her a sense of control. The other thing to notice is did she start to get sick after being vaccinated. Sometimes their immune systems can't take the overload very well. Did you worm her?

How long has it been going on?
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Hello and welcome.

At 5 months, they tend to eat a lot...and it's usually not too much. So I wouldn't think that it's overeating.

With it happnening twice now, in such a short period of time - I think it's time to call the vet.

Any recent changes in food?

Has she been dewormed? Worms cause diarrhea and vomiting, and most kittens are born with them...very common.

Constipation can actually cause diarrhea too. If there's a partial blockage in their system somewhere, the liquid poo can get past it...gross I know. But constipation can also cause vomiting.

It could also be that something in the food doesn't agree with her. Cats can have food sensitivities just like humans can.
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Thanks for your quick replys,
Just checked and no wheat gluten in any of the food. At the moment shes fed Whiskas kitten dry food and a bit of wet food that we give our other cats. However she also ends up eating their adult cat dry food and we thought this mgiht've been the problem as the first time she was unwell there were huge chunks, sry if too graphic. Thought I'd got round this by soaking the adult dry food. Shes been on her current diet for a few weeks now and over past few days been fed downstairs with our other 2 cats. They seem to get on well enough.
Before she was on whiskas kitten wet food satchets as well.
She was vaccinated when we first got her at 9 weeks and has been dewormed since, been few weeks since last deworm however, is there any particular signs for worms?

We recently lost the car and I really dont want to stress her out with a bus trip unless necessary. She seemed to put the weight back on last time and it only just started a week ago, so far only been twice. Both times she was sick in the early morning and seemed to throw up alot and then had diahorea within about 10-30mins then fine rest of day.

Btw thank you for the welcome and help , its a big help to me.
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Hmmmm. I'd change the food and see if that helps. If she's sick after she eats, but fine the rest of the day, it sounds suspicious. Something she's around or eats in the AM that' she's allergic to. If that doesn't work quickly, then I'd seek the vet's council. That's what I would do as the first step, and is just an opinion. Try what you can yourself first.
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I'll put her back on whiskas kitten wet then and try feeding her alone again so other cats have chance to eat what they get.
When is a good time to put cats on adult food? i saw on back of whiskas food it says 12 months but tbh i figured this was them trying to get the most cash kinda thing or is this about right?
If shes ill again I'll take the bus trip tho, thanks for advice.
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Honestly, I looked at the back of the kitten fish pro plan and the adult foods. I didn't see much of a difference in content. I believe the kitten food had a little more protein than the adult. Not enough to be concerned about. I also make them home food and mix it in with it at times.

I ask myself, do they eat kitten and adult food if they're wild? Good ole' mouce entrails. 100% protein except the small amounts of grain in the preys stomach. I think it is more of a marketing tool than one you have to adhere strictly to. Take a look at the ingredients and compare the percentages of the nutrition breakdown.
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Good point and even more good news, getting rather hectic trying to keep the kitten eating her food somewhere alone with 2 other cats eating elsewhere and a dog waiting for any to leave their bowls,
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