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Do you have conversations with your cats?

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I have to say.... I love how all my cats talk to me. I just walked in the Kitchen and said Hello to Toulouse... he always chatters right back. I have mock convos with him about how terrible Kanoe and Captain are for either not playing with him or for pouncing on him. He just chatters on back.... sometimes I just want to melt with love for these purrbabies. Kanoe and Captain talk less, but Kanoe will usually trill for a bit, and Captain "Mawt's" back at me.

What kind of conversations do you have with your cats?
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lol oh yea, heyu talks all the time, she not one for being a lap cat.
but she will sit next to me, and talk and talk. lol and she likes to yell alot.
like when i kicked her out of bed the other morning.

also she was a very bad influance on the other cats, the wife cat never did meow however after a couple of months ,, he has starting to meow..
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I talk to my kids all the time! Buffy's the only one who answers back, though (Molly will usually only answer back if she's calling for me, wondering where I am). In fact, I took a video yesterday of Buffy being a naughty girl (getting into the shelves of food just for her bag of kibble that I won't let her have). Initially she doesn't really "answer back," she mostly just interrupts me when I'm speaking. But near the middle she speaks only to help reinforce what I'm scolding Jake for, and near the end she starts answering back to me.


Watch out near the end, though. She literally plants her face right into the microphone and squawls. My ears are still ringing from watching it at youtube, lol
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I converse with my girls all the time. I only get answered back by Rosie though
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yes i always make convo with my cat millie and she always answers lol she is such a doll and such a loving family member she is spoilt rotten i miss her not being downstairs to long we all feel lost without her presence but her babies has to come first but i go up at least ever hour and talk to her and the babies and she loves every min of it x
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I talk all the time to Nikita and she often answers back. I think she has even changed the tone of a few of her meows to fit in better with how I speak. It's rather amusing.
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I don't have a cat, but I do talk to our dog Opie all the time.
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I am always holding conversations with my girls! Here is a sample:

Mittens, stop being a bad kitty and leave Cassy alone. Mittens: Meoorooowww, runs.

Cassandra, why don't you stick up for yourself! Cassy: Because I don't have claws and she does!

Mittens, do you want Mommy to put you in time out? Mittens: Meoorooowww, runs.
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I talk to them all the time, I sing, I discuss dinner plans (theirs and mine). Usually I don't get too much response, although I did know it was time to stop singing when Bella started wailing back She also talks to whatever toy she's mutilating at the moment and if I chirp to her she will chirp back to me (and the toy).

Stan only talks when he wants food.
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PS Kitten is a little maniac.
She talks all te time non stop-shoould get her a job in a call centre,
she has diferent voices for her various demands
She will run into rooms dramatically shouting whatever happens to be on her mind at the time and expect everyone to stop what they are doing and listen to her daily aggrevations
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Yup and they talk back. Sometimes I get better conversations out of them then I do from my hubby or 2 year old! Merlin is very chatty - for a Tuxedo cat he sure has a voice like a Siamese!
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Originally Posted by Kaleetha View Post
What kind of conversations do you have with your cats?
I ask them to think up questions for KatKwiz! And they do.
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Ferris: Mew?

Me: What, Ferris?

Ferris: MEW?

Me: What do need, baby boy?

Ferris: MeeUUUU!

Me: No Ferris, you can't have a snackie right now, you just had one a little while ago.

Ferris: RrrrOW!

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My cats are very good conversationalists, especially Daisy, she's got a lot to say
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I talk to my cats all the time. Most of the time they answer back.
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I talk to my girls all of the time, especially when I get home from work. I tell them how my day was. Then I tell them how their day was .

Jazz - Meowmy I slept, got up turned around and went back to sleep, then I used the litter box and went back to sleep .

Maggs -
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If I didn't talk to them I would go insane! Molly & I talk all the time about her wanting treats every 30 minutes. Lucky & I talk about how special he is (when nana was dying at home he slept with her 24/7 and the other cats hid). I usually am yelling at Benson or lecturing him.
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Mostly, my conversations with my cats take the form of "Ozzie/Spikie, whatchu doin'? Are you bein' a kitty-cat?" and other inane babbling. They don't talk back (unless we're in the kitchen, their food is being prepared, and we're taking too long for their liking ... then we get an earful!).

Sometimes, if I have something I just need to talk out (with myself), I'll talk to my cats about it. They still don't reply to me, but they do watch and listen very intently. It's nice to have someone who can be a completely silent sounding board -- they're not going to judge me or feel compelled to try to "solve" my problems. They just listen.
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all the time! Pandora, Circe and Sapphy are the ones that answer back, occasionally I can get Hades to talk to me, and for being such a screamer for 2 straight weeks when I got him, Poseidon hasn't said a word in months I also talk to my dog a lot to, he just looks at me like "I cannot understand a word you are saying"
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It's really funny that this is brought up.... When me and my boyfriend are talking about something serious/ or arguing... PHX will sit there and watch us and every once in awhile will throw in his 2 cents. My boyfriend will then look at him and say "Don't judge me kitty" LOL OMG how can I be mad at my boyfriend after that? Me and PHX talk all the time, mind you he's a siamese mix, but he never lets me fit in a word especially if he's telling me about his water dish, food, kitty litter box, or some other thing.. he will interrupt me!
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I talk to the kitties all the time.

Clover and Lu are usually the only ones who talk back.. Sometimes Sassy will. Stinky never does..
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You mean there are people who don't?
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I am guilty-as charged!! I always talk to my kittys...why not!?! And sometimes they talk back, sometimes they dont-ya know, like a kid!!
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I am always talking to them. Black will answer back more often than Katie. DH will come in and ask who I am talking to.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I converse with my girls all the time. I only get answered back by Rosie though
I only get answered by Bayley, Harley isn't much of a talker, unless he wants to go outside on the patio with me to watch the birdies!
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I talk to Lisa and when I do, she has that look on her face like she's trying to say to me: 'Are you stupid, I don't understand English!'
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Most definitley! Tiger... My poly is the most vocal cat I ever encountered... If you walk past him he shouts at you! I tell him I don't like his attitude and we need to talk about it so we do! He is too cute... My bf (the owner of our poly) gets so frustrated by how much our cat talks and yells... I love it! My kitten is a squueker and a yelper... We also talk!
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All of the time! They love the sound of my voice and I live alone, so I chatter away at them throughout the day, LOL
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Haha, yes!

I got up early this morning to go to the bathroom, and when I went back to bed Sonic was curled up in the middle of my duvet. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Sonic, come on my little lovey, move over so I can get back in bed
Sonic: Mrrrrrrrgrrrrworrrrrreaow (grumbly grumbly cat noise)
Me: Come on now, move over a bit (gently pushes cat)
Me: Shush, you'll wake Nate up, come on you wee horror, move over (gently pushes cat again)
Me: Ok, ok, you stay there, just let me get on the edge of the bed... no no, it's ok you don't have to move. I can balance here just fine.

And with Radar (the quiet one) this morning while I was making a cup of tea:

Me, putting empty cup on counter: Hello Radeybum, who's my bestest boy?
Radar: ?
Me: No no no, I don't need you to help me turn on the tap.
Me: Ok, have a drink
Me: Don't flick water on me with your paw. Out of the way, I want to fill the kettle
Me: Radar get your head out of the kettle you silly boy!
Radar: ?
Me: Yes, it's a box of teabags. Ok, have a sniff at the teabags (holds box out so Radar can sniff)
Me: Radey, that's the same teabag you just sniffed, it's just in the mug now
Me: OK that's enough, get your head out of my mug. You've seen my mug before
Me (holding Radar back while I pour the hot water): This is hot, do not, I repeat DO NOT try to lick it
Radar: ?
Me: Come on then, all done, I'm going back to the sitting room now
Radar: (thundering of kitty feet doing a good impersonation of a herd of stampeding elephants and trying to trip me while I'm carrying a mug of boiling water)
Me: Radar, BE CAREFUL THIS IS HOT! (Removes cat hair from tea before drinking)

Don't you just love having kitty help in the kitchen?
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Oh yes, we converse frequently! Pearl usually initiates the discussion with a very direct, but courteous, "Mew!" usually delivered directly into my ear as I'm sleeping.

Me: Mew?

Pearl: Mew!

Me: Meeee-ew?

Pearl: Meeee-EW!

Me: Mmmmm...ew?

Pearl: Mmmmm...EW!

Me: Mew. Mew, mew mew.

Pearl: MEW!!!

Of course, Pearl's saying, "Dangle the Pink String, Mama!" And I'm stalling with questions like, "The Pink String? Really? You mean right now? Well, gosh, I don't know, is 4:00am really the best time?"

Which elicits that final brusque rejoinder, "MEW!!!" -- the unmistakable command of the sovereign.
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