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Why do they always....

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Why do my cats always... and I MEAN ALWAYS.. puke on the carpet?! I have more hardwood and linoleum floors than carpet and they still manage to vomit on the carpet! Why? Is it more comforting?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at them... how could you get upset over a sick kitty? But they could be a bit more considerate!
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I feel your is almost always on the rug...the white part of the rug.

Except the time she puked on the hot radiator
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Awww poor baby. Whats up with her?.
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My cats have done the puke/carpet thing. Sometimes they puke in their bowls so I don't have to clean the carpet. They see their mommy furiously cleaning and scrubbing puke off the carpet, so they use their bowls, sometimes.
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Puking in a bowl, now that would be the life!! Mine not only do it only on the carpet, but in the center of the room and it's not only one spot to clean up, it's several, and preferably in more than one room.

Fortunately, it only happens rarely.
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It's probably just a hairball, however she does have a vet appointment today. (how fortunate!) So I'll make sure to let the vet know what happened, and that it didn't seem to have any creepy crawlies in it. I'm pretty sure it was Mixi, who was a stray I adopted from my back porch 3 weeks ago, and she has a follow up appointment to get a second dose of wormer.
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When Magpie (bridge baby) used to bring up hairballs on the carpet I'd always moan and ask him why he couldn't bring them up in the kitchen where there was no carpet. So once he did and it left a stain I've never been able to get out! So now I'm happy for them to vomit on the carpet!
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It is part of Murphy's Law for Cats...
1) always throw up on carpets rather than floors. If possible, choose the most valuable carpet or lightest color carpet. To make sure your meowmy know that this has happened, try and chose a spot that she/he will step in (preferably when barefoot) Thet will aprreciate the fact that you are a considerate cat.
Other Murphy's Law for Cats:
2) When meowmy is expecting company, she likes you to socialize. Try and perform yout kitty bidet (some folks call it playing the cello) after the company arrives. Also choose a spot that will be sure to get you noticed by everyone - typically in the middle of the living room or on a favorite chair!
#) Some people are afraid of cats - you must try and change their attitude!
Show these poor people extra attention by jumping on them, sticking your fanny in their faces to show them how friendly you are and gently bite their hands or legs.
Well, I could go on and on....
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My ats also vomit on the carpet but then try to burry it. My guess is the carpet feels like something they can burry with as hardwood or the type is smooth.
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We don't have carpet! lol. But the last cat that puked up a hairball jumped up and did so all over the telephone that's on the dresser.
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That drives me nuts too but it's better than on the bed where Molly prefers.
Mom's cat Cello will step out of the kitchen by a few inches and puke on the carpet.
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Gracie is are little "hairball Queen"
She prefers to leave her deposits either right in front of the kitchen sink...where someone is sure to step in it or on my Daughters bed.
The comforter on my Daughters bed is white...I've bleached hairball residue out of that thing so many times I'm surprised it hasn't fallen apart.
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My personal theory is that they don't like the splashback from puking on tile or vinyl!
Norman used to make a run for his litterbox every time he puked. He'd either puke in the litterbox or puke right outside the litterbox, God bless his little kitty heart. That was back when he was a considerate young man.
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Don't feel bad, ours ALWAYS do that also. However, if I hear them I run out there and grab them and try to get them to the wooden floor or the kitchen so it's easier to clean up!
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Same thing with BOTH of mine! It's not very frequent they get hair balls, but when they do they have this little target that comes up in their heads like Arnolds in the Terminator where it targets the nearest carpet and away they go!
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