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I hope my person has rec'd his - I send it out about 2 weeks ago! I sent it to Whiskey's Dad! I havn't seen him on line for a while now!
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Thank You whoever my Secret Santa is! My secret santa chose to remain anonymous - but it was so much fun to open my package (which came from the UK!!)!!

I got cat toys, chocolates, a cool card - and a really, really generous donation to one of their local shelters.

Lots of fun! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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Laurie, Santa knows what he's doing! He is the spirit of giving without taking any credit for it. That's why, although I believe the birth of the Babe in Bethlehem to be the central part of Christmas, I think Santa is a fine and kind symbol too!
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Okay!!!!!!!! I am here to tell everyone just what a hopeless Secret Santa I have been (hides her head in shame) I finally posted my package on friday, I sent it Airmail and was told it would take around 3 days to get there (holds breath in anticipation) but I don't think it will get there in time (starts to wring hands in frustration) My Secret Santa was Diana (dlmckay) She is gonna be mad for sure!!! (we all know what the English can be like if you keep them waiting hehehe ) Anyhoo, I hope she likes it! (Hopes the many jars of vegemite don't break and cover the whole package in sticky black muck) So Diana it is on it's way, sorry it has taken so long! At least it kinda made it before next Xmas LOL!

Check this out!!! http://www.claus.com/ very cute for those of you that have kiddies or are a kid at heart
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Bundy, I think you misunderstood. Some people think that because of Santa Claus the real meaning of Christmas has been lost. I don't agree with them, and my post explains why. Although it's not up to me at all, I just think the Secret Santa is a great idea. I reworded the post to prevent any more misunderstandings.
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No problem Jeanie, just sounded funny but then again I do take things the wrong way lately so forgive my sensitivity. I hope you and your family have a very special celebration of Christmas and that the New Year brings you happiness and health.
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Bundylee - never in my life has someone made me chuckle as much as you. That in itself is a gift on its own. Goodness knows with what life throws at us, it's nice to have a lighthearted laugh.

It's usually me that's hopelessly unorganised and forgetful - in fact, here's a confession - I've sent all my airmail cards and will email cards to my "electronic internet" friends, but I have yet to post any inland and here it is 2 days before Christmas - Sorry, what's a last posting date?

Happy Holidays everyone! The wishes and thought is there, even if the mailed card isn't - ho ho ho!!!

Diana x
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Cheers Mate!
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Nicki - thank you for the stickers and the cat day timer - I love them. The cats loved the fur you attached inside from your babies! Thank you again!
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Thanks for the beautiful card and pin you sent. You absolutely did not have to do that, but I appreciate it very much!

Happy Holidays everyone!
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Hey, hey, it got here today! I received my Secret Santa goodies from Bundylee this morning. Bonnie has run off with the toys and my son has demolished the marshmallows...

Thank you very much Bundy, you obviously put a lot of thought into what to send and it is all appreciated greatly.

Happy Holidays one and all!

Diana x
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Good Lord miracles really do happen!!! WOW! I am glad that it arrived in time and very surprised LOL! glad you liked it! Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!!!
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Well, Leslie is going to be celebrating her Christmas around New Years, and here SHE was worrying about being a hopeless Secret Santa! Leslie, you silly girl, what are you worried about? You KNOW I didn't get your package out until Friday!!!!! They said 2 - 3 (business) days... and I seem to have the Charlie Brown black cloud over my head this Christmas, so don't expect any miracles. It'll be there next week for sure, the way things are going for me this year!

Jeanie, you're right. I should've just remained anonymous, then Leslie wouldn't know who to get bummed at! LOL!

The one saving grace is that I put a few things in there that are appropriate for New Years!

Daniela, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I meant every word of it. TCS has done so much for me! ...There were so many angels to choose from - I decided to go for the teeny one so you can actually wear it if you want to! You (and the other mods) ARE angels, and the very least you deserve is an angel watching over you.
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If my wishes came true, I'd send each of you a special Christmas greeting, but since I can't do that, I wish you all the very merriest Christmas. I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true! Thank you for being such good friends. You add so much to my life.
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Laurie and Jeanie already said it. Everyone here is so special, I am thankful to have found this site. I never would have expected to get so involved, and to be so interested in people I've never met. Blessings to everyone for a safe and happy holiday, and a healthy and wonderful new year.
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Mine just showed up! Its a book of Cat Haiku and I sat down and read it right away. Several of these describe Opie and Rowdy, to a "T".
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So there's still hope??? I'm still anxiously checking my mail box daily... nothing yet. Patience is not a strong point of mine, either!
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Oh I hope you have not been left out!!! Maybe it is just a little late!!! I was so happy Anne got my gift a week or so before Christmas!!! Maybe Daniela can check and see who had your name and give them a little nudge if they haven't already sent it out. I would hate to see you left out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Laurie as well, for my beautiful card and the beautiful angel pin!!! I shall wear it on my coat!!! THANK YOU!!!!
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Well, I am sad to say that there are several people who did not receive anything from their secret santas. I cannot express how angry I am that people signed up and then did not mail anything out, after my repeated reminders, PM's and emails.

If you are someone who did not receive anything, please email me. I will tell you who your secret santa was supposed to be, and then we can take it from there. I can PM them again, although to be quite honest most of them have been missing in action and haven't even visited TCS lately.

I truly hope that perhaps some people just mailed late, but I am starting to lose hope now.

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Looking at the postmark, mine was just a late mailer. At least, she DID mail, though. I love "Cat Haiku".
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I just have to say that I think it is really sad and very irresponsible of someone to sign up for this and then not send a gift to their person. I realize in some cases there are extenuating (sp?) circumstances, and sometimes it can't be helped, like illness etc...but I have the feeling that many of these were just because the people forgot or decided to just not do it. I think the yneed to remember that there was a person on the other end who was anxiously awaiting something from them and was very disappointed.
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I'm sorry I posted mine so late! Things got rather hectic around here, with new cats, friends who lost their baby, taking classes, etc. I feel like I've been running non-stop for a month. I bought the book well over a month before it finally got mailed!
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NBD, Marcy, at least, you made the effort and that's what counts. Everybody has a lot going on, this time of year.

Thanks, again!
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I agree with Debby. I sent my card & bookmark out to my person (Kinjo) who has not been seen on the site for a few months, so I figured a card and bookmark was good enough. I hope though, we do it again next year and hope that everyone who signs up intends to participate.
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Well, I'm going to do this hopefully into "shaming" the following people into mailing. The following people signed up, agreed to participate, and never mailed anything. Their recipients are still waiting.
They are:


I am hoping that the mail is just slow, or they are just running late. I am by no means trying to be cruel, but there are quite a bit of hurt feelings out there. And way back when we started this we said everything should be mailed at the LATEST by December 1st. That is plenty of time.

If anyone else has not received anything, please PM me so I can add them to this list. I hope they just forgot and when they see this they will post and say they are mailing after all!!!!!!!!!
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I just wanted to give a big thanks to Daniela for organizing this Secret Santa. She deserves a big round of applause for her efforts, even if some people got lost in the shuffle. Way to go, Daniela!!

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Actually, I don't want my Secret Santa "shamed" into mailing me anything. If it hasn't been mailed, it obviously wasn't that big of a deal to my Secret Santa, and I would hate to be a burden on them. Sure, it's disappointing, and I'm sad that I was 'forgotten', but I had fun picking out the gifts for MY Secret Santa assignment, and to me it wasn't about getting something, it was about making a friend or two.

I think Daniela did an excellent job with organizing everything! Thanks Daniela!
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Well, there is still hope!!!!!!!!!

We have a couple of VERY generous members who have agreed to "adopt" those members who were unlucky enough to get secret santa flops!!!!!

So have no fear, you will be receiving SOMETHING, even if its for New Years instead!!!!!!!!!! And that way everyone got something special from another member!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I always love a happy ending!

Oh, and by the way Jin, I guess I used the wrong word. I didn't want to "shame" exactly, I was just hoping if they saw their name that would jolt them into maybe mailing. I still am hoping they just forgot or something. Can't help it, I'm an optimist!!
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I would like to thank Whisky's Dad for the lovely Christmas card and bookmark!

It was a lovely surprise, my card was HAND DELIVERED!!! I went to take out the trash Christmas night and there was my card sitting on top of the trash can!!!

I was very surprised!! :flash:


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That is impressive. I can imagine how surprised you were!
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