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I'm sending mine out later today.
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Mine's going out this week! It's been busy around here, I got it ready, but haven't had a chance to mail it.
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Any more revelations?? C'mon now , I know some of you have received something!!:tounge2: Fess up!!
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WoooHooo! I received mine yesterday. Spooky (Sarah) was my Secret Santa! Thank you so much for the beautiful card and bookmarker! I love it. Plus.....it's the first Christmas card I receive this year.
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I do not know who send this list to all who asked ; as I didn't know , I am not on it . Can I please get the list ? MY e-mail is lutlobeau@hotmail.com THANKS !!!
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There's a list? I've just been posting cards into the letter box with the members names on them
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Unfortunately the secret santa "list" was done about a month or so ago, and is now closed. But please stick around and participate next year!!
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Mine went out today!!! Unless MailBoxes Etc. messes up, it should be there way before X-mas!
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Okay...I can't contain it any longer!!!! I was going to wait until a few more people got theirs and posted about them, but I have to jump in and tell you all....I got mine and it was AWESOME!!!! My secret santa was Jennifer (jgaruba) and she sent me a gift for Merlin...cat treats,...a gift for Amber....a little stuffed piglet that rattles (from winnie the pooh) and a gift for me...a big hardback Dean Koontz novel with several of his stories in it!!!! I was completely surprised!!!! It went above and beyond what I was expecting, and I feel a little guilty, because my person isn't getting anything nearly that nice! Merlin loved his treats, Amber loves her toy, and as soon as I get more time I am looking forward to reading the book!!!!!

THANK YOU JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I told you in my PM, you made my whole day with that!!!!

Merry Christmas to you!!!!THANK YOU!!!!

also....I did get mine sent out, and I went ahead and paid extra to get it there sooner, since I kept forgeting to send it and want to make sure it gets there in time!!! I hope she likes it!!
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Wow Debby! How nice of JGaruba! That sounds like a fantastic package. I am sooooooooooooo happy that you are all receiving your packages and cards, and that everyone so far is happy!! YAY to all of our TCS members who are so considerate!
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I got a card from Adymarie, she sent me some cool cat stickers and a great bookmark. Thank you so much I really appreciate them and the card
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You're welcome, Debby! I really am thrilled you liked it.. I couldn't wait for it to get there. :tounge2:

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too!
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Just so you guys know, I know of a couple of people who are mailing a bit late, but still mailing. Sooooooooo, if you are someone who hasn't received your card yet, don't worry. Its probably in the mail.

I haven't heard from anyone yet who has decided to not participate. So just be patient for those of you still waiting.
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Well - Leslie (bundylee) already knows I'm her secret santa, so I guess mentioning it here won't hurt. Since I didn't get her package out before Nov 1 (!), I can't send it ground (ship), and since there's a couple more things I want to put in there, it hasn't gone out yet. I thought I could get them in NYC last Friday when we were in, but I didn't have enough time to find what I wanted. But via DHL it should only take 4 - 5 days to get there. I know I'm cutting it close, but it'll have to go out Thursday (11th).

I DID send e-cards to all the people who gave e-mails in the thread Lut (Sydney the Kid started), but as for the mods (the few I have addresses for).... I haven't even bought the cards yet! (Although I already have what's going inside them). Little by little! ...and they WILL be there before Christmas!

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I also want to add I received three beautiful cards in the mail yesterday as well! One from Anne, one from Heidi, and one from Ady, who also enclosed a beautiful bookmark and cat stickers!!! Thanks to all of you!!!
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Since people are starting to tell who they had and what they got, I figured I would throw my hat in the ring . My Secret Santa was valanhb. She sent me the cutest kitty card and a needle point bookmark with three little cats on it. It is beautiful, and at first I was afraid to use it, I actually contemplated framing it, but then it found itself in one of my books. It is my new favorite bookmark, there are no danglies so my cats let it be. Thanks again Heidi .

Merry Christmas all .
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I mailed mine by Air Mail to the States last, and I'm assuming a 10 day delivery. Should be with my Secret Recipient anytime this week!

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Do we have to tell?!?!

I kinda like to be anonymous...

(BTW, I mailed my card/pkg out today!)
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Nobody HAS to tell, although I think its the general consensus that everyone is revealing. Its up to you though.
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A big Thank you to Adrienne and Heidi for the beautiful cards. I love them.

Ady, the bookmark is adorable and so are the stickers. You are such a sweetheart. Made my day!
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I've received mine, but I've put it away until Xmas day without looking at the return address - is that sad?

I'm posting mine out tomorrow, so it will get the where it needs to get to before Xmas.
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I got my card from my Secret Santa who is.......dlmckay (Diana)!!! Thank you so much!!! Inside the card was a lace bookmark from Nottingham.
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Now, whoever it is, Thank you for the cute stuff! My secret sants says they will never tell me! I got: cute socks that meow when you push a button, birthday cards, X-Mas card, treats for the cats, a cute mug that has cocoa and a mixing thing, cute cat stickers, and a cute cat frame! I also forgot to mention that I have been getting cards from my Santa since Halloween!
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So glad that you are all getting your surprises! YAY, so far its been a success!!

I still have two or three members though who haven't been visiting here, and haven't responded to "reminder PM's", so I can only hope they are still going to mail!!

Please if you read this and havent' mailed yet, please do!! Someone out there is counting on you to mail them a card!!!!!!!!!!
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Mine is on its way!!

I got my suprise in the mail today. My secret santa was Sandie and she sent me a wonderful card and the cutest, socks that have cats on the sides of them. I love them! I have them on right now. They are so warm. My feet are always cold. Since I have had them on they have been so warm. Thanks so very much. I was so suprised when I opened the mailbox today!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Sandie!!!!!!
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I recieved my secret santa present on Friday! My secret santa was Imagyne, and I got a cute pair of cat socks! I can't IMAGYNE how he knew I collected cat socks!
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I sent my Secret Santa out over a week ago, and I want to know if it got there OK (I sent it through Mailboxes Etc., so it may have gotten lost in the shuffle). So, if my Secret Santa recipient got it, please let me know!

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Still haven't received my Secret Santa yet....

Darn British Post...

Diana x
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Wow! So many of you recieved socks! That's so cute! I love those socks where there's a place for each toe to go (wish I knew what they were called) LOL Maybe it's because it's so chilly in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment.
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Tania, those socks are so funny! Diana, I think your postal service is better than ours. Of course, we all think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, don't we?
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