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Debby, I think everyone understands that its a busy season and with the holidays and all people get side tracked!! And I'm sure your person won't mind one bit. Besides you have a new baby at home and you are working too!!!!!!!

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Don't worry Debby, I haven't sent mine out yet either. I haven't even got Christmas Cards yet!

I did get mine in the mail, though! A_Loveless_Gem, aka Magdeline, sent me the cutest kitty card with a wonderful note inside and pictures of her kitties, who are both adorable! Thank you!!
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Oh my gosh! Thanks for the reminder! I forgot about those. I've been so busy lately, that I thought I had enough time to get one and send it out. *Must hurry hurry hurry!*
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Mine is going out this week to the USA so it shouldn't take too long! I also have some cards to send out for some other people here!
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I just sent mine out on my lunch break. I can't wait until it gets there! :tounge2:
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Mine is in the mailbox, awaiting the carrier.
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Wahooo! Just got back from the post office...the package is in the mail. I am not going to post who it has gone to until they get it . I just love holiday gift giving .
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Did I read somewhere that we can ask for one of the mods addresses to send a card to them, too? How do I do that? I just looked through the original Secret Santa thread and couldn't find the info. Thanks.
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Brenda, just PM Daniela (dtolle) and ask for the address. She'll get it for you.

I'm sending mine out today, too. I'm so excited, and I hope she likes the little prezzie!
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/me cries and feels all left out

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Bunn - PM my your address I will send you a little holiday cheer!
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Ok, here is the deal on MODS addresses. If you want to send a moderator a little holiday greeting please do so by PM or by email. Or you can contact them directly to get their address.(just pm them) Unfortunately I don't have the 'authority' to be releasing their home addresses to everyone who asks. I am sorry!!

I also want to say thank you for those who are so considerate to us moderators. It means a lot to each of us that you care so much to want to send a card to us!! Thank you so much!!
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Mine is going out in the mail today
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Daniela, I got your PM, thanks.

BuNN, If you want more greetings from across the pond, you can PM me with your address.
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I LOVED it!!!!! But....I want to wait a bit till more people get theirs and post about it before I give away the details of what I got and from who!!! (I did PM her, though, and thanked her....she made my whole day!!!!!!!)
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I got mine today, too! As soon as I saw the address I knew it was my Secret Santa. I was very excited.
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I am headed to the post office now!
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*cough* Posted mine *cough* Sorry sore throat
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BUNN...if you'll PM me your address, I'll include you on my list
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Don't worry Bunn - you card with a little treat for you in it is going to be put in the mail on Monday! I wouldn't forget you!
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Hey BuNN!

We are all going to send you a card and a little gift then ou can send us all something back!!!! It will only be a couple of thousand cards and gifts you have to buy but won't that be fun??? :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Poor Bunn. First a touch of senility and now feeling lost and alone with a terrible sore throat. Ahhhh. Just rest and tell us where it hurts, Bunn. Well, come to think of it, as long as it doesn't hurt your funny bone, what the heck?
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Mailed mine out today!
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I just thought of something ... I put my real name when I signed it, but forgot to say what my name is here Hopefully, they will be able to figure it out? Or, should I PM the person?
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I've had my gift for a while (it jumped out and bit me on the nose) but I finally got Christmas cards yesterday. Mine's going out Monday.

Is everyone signing their names, or leaving it up to their Secret Santa recipient to guess who it is?
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I signed both my real name and my username. :tounge2:
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I think it's up to you whether or not you sign your name or make them guess.... but I know I'd like to know who my secret santa is so I can thank them!
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It has been brought to my attention from someone here that some of our members who signed up for the Secret Santa have not been posting and seem to be MIA. I just want everyone to know, that to the best of my knowledge everyone who got an assignment is going to mail. I can confirm 100% that everyone received and read their PM's.

I did not receive any emails or PM's from anyone saying they were not participating. I sincerely hope that if you signed up, you will indeed mail. I don't want any hurt feelings!!
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I have not been around in a couple of days. I promise, I haven't forgot. I am just slacking a little bit. I have been very busy finishing last minute papers. I will be done with school in about 1 week. I can't wait!!!!!

Mine will be going out this week. I promise, hopefully early this week.

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LOL 3500 cards flopping through my door would probably be quite a shock, lol. I'm no big fan of giving my address out over the internet and it's not like you know me all that well, I could be a crazy loon um could be? I am a loon
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