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*Secret Santa Reminder Thread*

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This is just a friendly reminder to everyone that you should be mailing out your secret santa cards before December 1st to ensure a timely delivery. If anyone has to drop out for whatever reason, please be sure to let me know. We don't want anyone left without getting a card. Don't be embarassed, just send me a PM and I'll take care of it.

I'm going to keep this bumped to the top for a few days to be sure everyone sees it.

Thanks again to all who participated!

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Thanks for the reminder Daniella and again thak you for all your hard work in organising it! You are a gem! and Santa couldn't have asked for a better helper
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Yep, thats me! With the little elf hat on and everything!!

Thanks for the compliment Bundylee!!
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I'll have mine out before then. I want to know who mine is I've been getting a lot of cute cards!
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You guys can reveal who your secret santa is at any time. Feel free to start a thread on it or whatever you think is best. I know that most people were assigned someone they don't "know", or at least I tried to do it that way! It worked out really well because we have a lot of newer members so I was able to pair them with the old timers (and I'm not talking age here ). I just hope everyone mails so nobody is left out.

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I think just using this thread is fine. Guess I'll be the first to reveal mine because,.....I sent it soooooo early! My Secret Santa was threeleggedcat (Darlene) and I've already received a PM saying she received it. Guess I could have waited a few weeks but I was so afraid I'd forget.

How about having everyone reveal what their "surprise" was???? That would be neat.
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Daniela - I just wanted to thank you again for all you've done for the Secret Santa! I've had so much fun with it! I'm not revealing my recipient yet as I haven't sent it - but I put together a cute holiday package (small) that I hope is lots of fun to open! I will say I have to send it overseas, so my plan was to get it off this weekend!

Ghys - I remember you saying you'd finished your shopping for your Secret Santa - and that seemed like weeks ago!
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Awwwww bummer I must have missed the start of this. Doh!
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I was so excited about doing this that I finished making my little gift before Halloween. Of course, I still don't have the card, but I think we are going card shopping this weekend.
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I just made my card, today. HP had a link to a free cardmaker site. I WAS going to use my new greeting card software but, I haven't got it figured out, yet.
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I feel left out I have no idea what you lot are on about
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Bunn, I'm sorry you are feeling left out.

We had a secret santa exchange that was organized in Oct, and everyone is mailing their stuff now. So this thread started out as a reminder, but our members will be revealing who their secret santa is here too!!

Maybe next year you can participate!!
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Oh, okay

Thanx for telling me
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Oh , what a shame ... I've never seen the tread about this before , so I didn't enroll ... ! I have to pay more attention next year ...

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I am so very pleased with my card and kitty calendar from Whisker's MOM It arrived so early; it is the first card on the Christmas Card string. . . . I sent mine out last week to (drum roll ) Jeff24Girl (Carla ) I made the front of the mailing envelope into a greeting and sent her a copy of one of my favorite books The sssssssSecret Life of Cats ! Hope it arrived okay. I wanted it to get out before Catnip Meeces. . . Which will be mailed (near and far) starting Dec. 1st.

Thanks again to my Santa, Gyl
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I have a question about mailing something, maybe some one here knows the answer. I want to mail little packets of catnip to some of the people on my list (general Christmas list, family and friends), like the small craft sealable bags. I don't want to get in trouble for mailing it, with all the security at the post office, and it does look like marijuana if you don't know what it is.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc?
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Puy a cute sticky on label on the individual bags saying what it is and tell the post master when you mail them what it is. I have been mailing catnip mice for years this way.

Darlene (TLK)
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I would think as long as you clearly label it as catnip you shouldn't have any problems. Plus, unless it has to go thru customs chances are it won't even ever be opened for inspection.
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Probably safe, as long as they use drug-sniffing DOGS!
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Originally posted by katl8e
Probably safe, as long as they use drug-sniffing DOGS!
Or should you say drug-sniffing CATS! LOL

How much do they scrutinize cards sent to Canada?
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Just label it and inform the postmaster and you should be just fine, no matter where it's going. Catnip has a completely different profile from marijuana - even in X-ray, chemical sensors, etc. (We've analyzed a number of the companies that make the equipment).

It might take a little longer to ship it to Canada than a package or card without it - but it shouldn't be a problem. :tounge2:
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I really am worried now...I should have sent mine out sooner...but I haven't even bought it yet! I am planning on doing that this weekend, and will mail it out as soon as possible! It has to go overseas, too...so I am hoping I haven't waited too long for it to get there on time...I am so bad about remembering to do things lately!!!!
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Overseas delivery takes about 4-6 weeks if you do surface mail, which is the cheapest. If you use airmail then it takes less time. It also depends on which country, I mail to Germany quite often and the LEAST amount of time its ever taken is 2 but normally longer.

Debby, if you don't think it'll arrive just PM your person so they know they weren't left out and that it is on the way still, ok?? Thanks!
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I will do that!!!! Thanks Daniela! I feel bad I didn't get it sent yet!
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